Mechanical Vs Membrane Keyboards: Which Ones Are Good for Typing?

mechanical vs membrane

A Keyboard is a vital component of your computer setup. Whether you want to use them for dedicated typing, gaming, or throwing some comments on blogs and social media, you need a top-quality keyboard. Well, scrap social media, but everything else needs a good keyboard. When you start looking for a good computer keyboard you’ll … Read more

Best Writing Chair (2021) Most Ergonomic Writers Office Chair

best writing chair 2021

Sitting at the desk for hours on end, daily, can have semi-permanent or permanent physical health conditions. Whether writing at home or at the office, you need a good sitting posture and the best ergonomic writing chair you can get. You can opt for an ergonomic kneeling chair or one of the best ten ergonomic … Read more

Best Keyboard Wrist Rest For 2021

best wrist rests 2021

Wrist rests are the most underrated members of a writer’s apparatus (or a gamer’s setup). Wrist rest are awesome; they offer support, comfort, and are always among the least costly tools in a writer’s toolset. Wrist rests aren’t just a fancy item on your desk; they are there to reduce fatigue, discomfort, and can help … Read more