Grammarly Vs. Hemingway: Which to Use for Professional Writers?

grammarly vs. hemingway

In the writing profession, quality matters. Quantity might get you noticed, but if you want to retain clients and readers, you’ve got to produce quality, pure diamonds even when under pressure. For most of us, this means seeking third-party proofreading and editing services. But thanks to editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway, we can edit … Read more

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid: The Best Grammar Checker of 2022

grammarly vs prowritingaid

Writing flawless pieces is hard—almost impossible for the first draft—and that’s why we’ll always talk about proofreading software. Grammarly and ProWritingAid are undoubtedly two of the best grammar checking tools on the market right now. But there will always be a debate among users concerning the best among the two tools. We all know that … Read more

WhiteSmoke Reviews (2022): Should You Use It?

white smoke review should you use it

Writing is a serious undertaking, at least for most of us. Professionalism is key, and nothing puts a better professionalism stamp on your work than polished work.  And that’s where grammar checkers enter the fray. Grammar checkers are indispensable writer’s tools nowadays; Contemporary writers need a Grammar checker tailored to their needs and affordably priced.  … Read more

Ginger Software Review (2022): Is It Worth It?

ginger software review is it worth it

Looking for something to “ginger up” your writing?  Why not give Ginger software a try. Ginger is a grammar checker that gives your writing extra juice and punches it in the appropriate places to make it sound just right. But hey, I’m not a Ginger software salesman; so, let me give you both the Pros … Read more

ProWritingAid Review 2022: Should You Use It?

prowritingaid review

As far as Grammarly alternatives go, ProWritingAid is the best.  “This noble software, sire, is more than a worthy adversary to our insuperable Grammarly.” If you are using text to communicate (blog posts, business emails, newsletters, etc.), it is essential that you use writing which is readable, typo-free, and consistent. Otherwise, the reader will assume … Read more

Best Grammarly Alternatives 2022: Free & Paid

grammarly alternatives

Grammarly is one of the most popular online text editing software. It is a tool that most writers turn to for checking plagiarism, syntax, grammar, and vocabulary. But it isn’t perfect for everyone. Luckily, countless other tools are equally as effective in performing the tasks that Grammarly is famous for.  Out of all the alternatives, … Read more

Grammarly Review 2022: Should You Use Grammarly or Not?

grammarly review should i use grammarly or not (1)

There’s a thin line between sloppy unprofessional writing work and thoroughly checked mistake-free work. That line, ladies and gentlemen, is called Grammarly. For any professional writer, Grammarly isn’t something new. Millions of writers rely on Grammarly to check their spelling, punctuation, and grammar, but it’s more than that. So what does it really do? In … Read more

Best Grammar Checker For 2022: Get Error-Free Writing

best grammar checker

A grammar checker is a contemporary writer’s indispensable tool—an AI-powered editing buddy and writing coach. It feels so good to have a tool that lets you blitz your way through pages and chapters with a flurry of typos knowing that you’re going to sort all of them with single clicks. There are paid and free … Read more

Grammarly vs Ginger 2022: Which Grammar Checker Is Best for You?

grammarly vs ginger which grammar checker is best for you

Another grammar checker tussle. Which is better? Which one is the best proofreading tool for you? This is a fight between giants, a SUMO wrestling match to be precise. The Grammarly vs Ginger argument cannot be decided purely based on emotions or likes and dislikes. The debate has to be settled with facts and pros … Read more