Best Dictation Software In 2021

dictation softwares

Don’t you ever wish you had someone or something take your notes for you? You know, once in a while, when your body is completely drained but your brain is still alive with a cumulus of ideas. I know I do. And, most of the time, I turn to the top Dictation Software available. All … Read more

How to Erase Pen from Paper Using 10 Effective Ways

how to erase pen from paper in effective ways

A lot of people like working with a pencil because they think errors made with a pencil are less damaging than mistakes made when using a pen. They are right. But they are also wrong! It’s that when one is working with ink on paper, any mistake is going to be hard to remove. Hard … Read more

Best Essay Writing Software: 16 Apps That Can Help You Write Perfect Essays

best essay writing software

Nowadays, we have apps for almost anything. Writing apps though, are really unique and serve several practical purposes, such as essay writing for example. Writing an essay isn’t as simple as typing a bunch of words and arranging them as paragraphs. Writing a perfect essay entails planning, maintaining structure, writing clear and impactful sentences, and … Read more

Scrivener vs Word: Which Is the Better Book Writing Software?

scrivener vs. word which is the better book writing software

We cannot talk about the best software tools without the “Scrivener vs. Word” argument slipping into the conversion.  The “Scrivener versus Word” discussion won’t and can’t die down, although most of the writers that I know prefer either tool purely based on emotions—they’ve fallen in love with either Scrivener or Word and are afraid of … Read more

Write! App Review 2021: The Best Distraction-Free Writing App?

write! app the best distraction free writing app

As the word-processor market gets flooded with impractical, feature-starved, and ill-thought-out apps, one has to be careful enough not to purchase an app that leaves them in a bigger muddle than there were in before using it. A word processing app doesn’t need to have any bells and whistles, and it has to help the … Read more

22 Best Writing Apps: The First-Choice Writing Tools in 2021

22 best writing apps

Different kinds of writers—authors, bloggers, and freelancers, etc.—require different writing apps that have features best suited for the type of writing. Therefore, finding the best writing apps is a unique undertaking for each writer. The market is flooded with lots of writing tools but finding the best writing software for you takes a lot of … Read more

Quetext Review 2021: Is It A Reliable Plagiarism Checker

quetext, is it a reliable plagiarism checker

As per their claims, Quetext is the #1 plagiarism checker. This plagiarism checker & citation assistant is claimed to have helped more than 5 million students, teachers, and other professionals. Undoubtedly, Quetext is one of the best plagiarism checkers in 2021; with features like DeepSearch™ technology, Citation assistant, and ColorGrade™ Feedback, Quetext just has to … Read more

Plottr Review: Is This Outlining Software Really Worth it?

plottr review

Writing a great fiction piece is a difficult task; bestsellers don’t just fall from the sky; they are products of an intricate process involving thorough planning and outlining. That’s how and why outlining tools like Plottr have become indispensable tools in the 21st-writer’s arsenal. These outlining tools are designed to make the planning phase of … Read more

Scrivener Alternatives 2021: Are They Any Better?

scrivener alternatives are they any better

If you’re looking for a professional word processor to help you organize your work, then Scrivener is probably the best tool you can get. It’s the most popular writing software available today, deservedly, might I add. But, Scrivener is not the only software in the document creation category; there are a couple of other good … Read more