The Best Writing Software for Authors in 2021 [Free & Paid]

best writing software for authors

Whenever I come across the question “what is the best writing software?” I tend to focus on something else other than the answer. To be precise, I start to think contemporary writers really have it easy. A hundred years ago or earlier, this wouldn’t have been an important question. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly … Read more

AutoCrit Review (2021) Is This Self-Editing Software Any Good?

autocrit review autocrit review is this self editing software any good

I’ve covered a couple of editing software—mostly grammar checkers—on this blog, but now I’m covering something a little bit different—Autocrit. And boy am I excited! AutoCrit is an online book editing tool committed to helping fiction and nonfiction writers seamlessly and perfectly edit their way into authorship. There are lots of writing, editing, and plotting … Read more

Scrivener Review (2021) Is This Writing Software Worth It?

scrivener review

Scrivener proclaims itself as a  professional word processing tool that acts like a typewriter, ring-binder, and scrapbook. Novelists, screenwriters, all non-fiction writers are all formatting and structuring their bestsellers on this tool. But is it really? And what does it do? Is it worth it? Well… I have covered more than these questions in this … Read more