The Best Typing Software 2024: Tools for Mastering Touch Typing

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tools for mastering touch typing

Learning to type has never been more important. With lots and lots of jobs moving online in 2024, it’s essential that you improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Touch typing helps you become efficient with written communication—not only are you much faster at typing, but you also write with improved accuracy. The benefits spill over to a lot of professional and educational duties that you’re tasked with and require typing.

There are many sites and software that help with typing (for both kids and adults), and finding the best typing tutor can be a demanding task. Not to worry though, I have listed and reviewed 18 of the best typing software in 2024, including Typesy which made it to number 1. The list though includes both free and paid typing tutors.

Before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using typing software.

What is touch-typing? 

So, what is touch-typing

Touch typing is what I’d call no-look typing and involves typing with all your fingers without looking at the keyboard. You don’t have to look for a key on the keyboard, hammer, then look at your screen to confirm if you typed the correct character. As I said, touch typing improves typing speed and accuracy.

touch typing technique
Finger position on a keyboard. (Image credit: on Wikimedia commons CC BY-SA 4.0)

What Are the Benefits of Typing Software?

Typing software helps build muscle memory

With a lot of practice, your finger motor skills start to improve.

Utilize expert knowledge and proven techniques

When you use typing software, you learn using proven techniques and other routines created by experts.

Get access to step-by-step guidance

Typing tutors take from beginner to expert levels. All along the different stages, you’re guided on how to do things.

Interactive learning

To keep learners interested and invested, typing programs offer various interactive typing games and exercises. This way, you learn while having some fun.

Progress tracking

The typing tutors have features for progress tracking and custom goal-setting. They also use tests to help you gauge how you’re progressing. Depending on the test results, the typing software provides suggestions for improving the weakest areas.

The Top 3 Typing Software at a Glance

1. Typesy

2. Kaz Typing Tutor

3. KeyBlaze

Best Typing Software 2024

1. Typesy


Typesy is our top pick for the best typing software in 2024, and a lot of people who’ve used the tool will agree.  

Typesy—which was created by touch typing experts—provides a large assortment of typing lessons and features, including typing games, exercises, video tutorials, and real-time progress tracking. These features are arranged on a clean UI that is kid-friendly and suitable for those that want to teach kids.


It’s not just suitable for kids; it’s for all ages. Typesy assesses your skill level and provides suggestions for custom goals. Your typing progress is saved and it serves as the basis and suggestions for your next class.


Video instructions. The lessons come with training videos that explain how they work and what typing skills are gained or improved. To help tackle bad typing practices, the video tutorials also cover topics on the DON’Ts of typing habits.

Modern Interface. Typesy is packaged in a clean, nice-looking, and intuitive interface.

Cloud-based Tool. The software is accessible from any device (whether on a Mac or Windows PC) since it’s cloud-based. It allows 5 users and unlimited installs.

Typing programs. Typesy Typing Software has typing programs that cater to all levels—it provides adaptive learning from the most basic level to an advanced skill level.

2. Kaz Typing Tutor

kaz typing tutor

The KAZ Typing Tutor is an award-winning program for developing typing skills for both adults and kids.

It’s a versatile tool that suits almost every entity, from individuals, businesses, academic institutions to governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The KAZ typing software is a unique type of tutor. It uses the advanced accelerated Learning Method teaching to help you learn touch typing in minutes instead of hours.

The teaching methods, which have been developed by experts who are also credited with creating over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer and office skills courses, are based on extensive brain research.


Accelerated Learning Method. KAZ Typing tutor uses the accelerated learning method and is effective in speeding and enhancing the learning process. The method was developed based on brain research and is a proven efficient learning technique.

Brain Balancing. With this method, the KAZ typing tutor helps you master typing using fingers on both hands. The typing software accomplishes this by training both hemispheres of your brain to work simultaneously (brain balance).

Once you master this, typing can be done using fingers from both hands, symmetrically and simultaneously.

Muscle Training. The technique used by the KAZ typing software also helps build muscle memory.  Your brain starts interpreting words and their spellings as finger movements and it becomes nearly impossible for your fingers to hammer the wrong key.

3. KeyBlaze


The name itself is a convincing factor, ‘KeyBlaze’ sounds nerdy enough to convince me that I’m going to gain some typing skills.

KeyBlaze is an easy, fun, and effective typing tutor suitable for users at all typing skill levels. The program starts with easy lessons for mastering home keys and neighboring keys. After that, capitalization, punctuation, and numbers follow.

Some practice lessons use prose and poetry, while others cover problem keys and other typing tests.


Custom goals and exercises. KeyBlaze allows you to set specific goals to have a personalized learning plan. You can work on various typing games, exercises, and drills to accomplish your customized goals.

Progressive lessons – Keyblaze can analyze keystrokes and words that you have trouble with and offer tailor-made exercises to help you tackle those problems. The typing tool also comes with unique lessons that deal with dictation and transcription skills. These lessons focus on capitalization, numbers, and special keys.

WPM calculation. The typing tutor calculates net and gross words per minute WPM. This helps you track your progress in regards to typing speed.

4. Mavis Beacon Typing

mavis beacon

Mavis Beacon is a typing course that is claimed to teach typing in less than two weeks.

It’s objective-based, so if you reach a particular objective, you automatically progress to the next one.

This tutor comes with 430 Personalized lessons, exercises, and tests. These lessons and exercises take you step by step from beginner to an advanced fast typer.

Mavis Beacon is a versatile tool and is suitable for both children and adults. It also has arcade games and works on both Mac and Windows.


Customizable objective-based lessons. There are options for creating custom learning modules. In which you can have games and exercises of your choice. The tools also help you improve your typing skills by giving you a minimum score that you have to accomplish or get stuck in that level unit. Once you start progressing, you realize that the lessons get tougher.

Progress Tracking. Mavis Beacon helps you track your progress by providing a series of reports. The typing program gives a summary report that provides good insight into your cumulative performance. There are other reports and general feedback that help you track your progress, including keyboard proficiencies, the curriculum map, and progress over time.

Dynamic Personal Instruction. Mavis Beacon uses Adaptive Response Technology to help users to whiz through the typing curriculum. Using this method, you can improve your typing skills in the snippiest time possible. The typing program will give you lessons based on and tailored to your skill level. As you progress, the tool adjusts the lessons to fit your skill level.

5. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

klavaro touch typing

Klavaro is a unique touch typing software tutor; it isn’t tailored for specific keyboards. This typing is both keyboard and language independent, which we can’t say about many other touch typing software.

Klavaro is a bundle of good news for Linux users because it’s available as apps for several Linux distros. It has packages for GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and MacOSX.


Customizable Keyboard layouts. Klavaro lets you configure your keyboard layout and save your configurations. If the keyboard you’re using isn’t available, you can create it.

Unique typing exercises. This typing tutor offers adaptability exercises, which help you adapt your typing skills to unfamiliar words that may pop up in your writing assignments; speed exercises; and fluidness exercises, which emphasize rhythm so that you improve the overall uniformity and fluidity of your writing.

6. Typing Club


TypingClub is another web-based free typing software that is suitable for managing tutoring classes for young students.

On top of the typing games and interactive lessons that it provides, the typing tutor supports a variety of languages.

The tool is free for both individuals and schools, but it offers an optional paid school edition, a specialized learning package for educational institutions. Learning institutions can utilize the TypingClub School Edition to cater to their classroom or homeschool teaching needs.


Typing Games. TYpingClub has engaging and interactive games that give you an exciting typing experience. Apart from the games, the interactive learning experience extends to videos and various typing challenges.

Proper hand posture guide. The typing software shows the users the correct hand posture on all the keys.

Voice over. The voice-over feature reads out loud every word as you type them.

Typing Playback. This feature lets you view and play past performances.

7. Typing Instructor

typing instructor

Typing instructor is an excellent online program that—just like many tools on this list―combines learning with fun.

You can choose from a curriculum of 20 Typing Courses that cover all ages and skill levels. Those courses come with a wide range of instructional exercises and fun games, as well as general hints and advice, a set which is surely going to help you master the art of typing.

Typing instructor boasts a sound progress monitoring system that can help you get the most out of the lessons offered. Typing Instructor offers multi-user licenses for schools, libraries, and organizations.


Multi-Level Typing Games. Typing Instructor has games made of multiple levels; you start from your skill level and advance to an advanced level.

Customizable goals. At the beginning of the program, the software asks you to go through a basic assessment test. The typing tutor then assesses your skill level and suggests goals that fit your skills. If you want, you can also set your own goals.

Progressive learning. Once you complete a lesson, the typing software analyzes the weak points in your typing and offers other lessons to deal with the remaining weaknesses.

Excellent Real-Time Feedback. Typing Instructor has voiceover instructions for all lessons, an onscreen keyboard, and a posture guide that help place your fingers properly. The feedback from these features happens in real-time as you type.

8. Ratatype


Ratatype is another excellent typing tutor that helps its users master touch typing. The tool is furnished with tests and scoreboards which are perfect features for students and teachers.

One thing I hate about some tools (even some on this list) is that they fail to update their user interfaces. This is a turnoff for me and a lot of other users. Luckily, RataType isn’t one of them. The interface is clean and very intuitive.

Learning touch typing on this is both entertaining and easy. The website doesn’t just provide typing lessons; it also comes with instructions on proper sitting posture.

A ready-to-learn mentality and good posture, and you’re ready to get yourself a Ratatype Platinum certificate (70 WPM & 99.5% accuracy), a Gold certificate (50 WPM & 98.7% accuracy), or a Silver certificate (40 WPM & 96% accuracy).


Alternative Touch typing courses. RataType offers courses for different keyboard layouts. The courses include 15 lessons English Qwerty layout touch typing course, English Dvorak layout touch typing course, English AZERTY layout touch typing course, Spanish Qwerty layout touch typing course, French AZERTY layout touch typing course, the Russian and Ukrainian ЙЦУКЕН layout touch typing courses.

Group learning features.  You can learn or teach in groups. Human tutors can create a class group and send URL links to potential group members or students.

Effective typing test. The typing test helps users increase their typing speed and accuracy and find areas that need some improvements. Once you start improving, the tool awards you certificates.

9. UltraKey


Ultrakey is a tool made for professionals and students. It’s easy, which means everybody has a chance of getting something out of it, and it’s an even better tool for advanced typing learners.

It also comes with an excellent progress tracking system. Apart from the modules aimed at adult professionals and students, UltraKey also offers training modules for children.

Excellent interactive features. UltraKey comes with voice commands, video tutorials, and graphic animations.

Versatility and cross-platform support. UltraKey performs excellently on almost any web browser―whether on a Windows PC or a Mac. The only difference between the UltraKey typing software programs on different computer operating systems is the keyboard’s key layout; everything else is the same.

Tests and Progress Tracking.  The typing software has a self-testing feature whose results and reports help you track the progress you’ve made.

10. GS Touch Typing Tutor

gs typing tutor

GS Typing Tutor is a versatile and functional touch typing tutor designed for both children and adults. It is an excellent training tool for improving typing speed because it includes extensive typing lessons.  

GS Typing Tutor teaches one-hand typing courses on a standard QWERTY keyboard or alternatives keyboard layout like Dvorak.


Comprehensive typing lessons. GS typing tutor caters to learners of all levels, from basic to advanced. The typing lessons include subjects like the numeric keypad and special characters.

Guided learning for beginners. GS Typing Tutor provides an onscreen keyboard that assists users (especially beginners) in locating keys. This feature walks you through the process of finding and memorizing the letters on your keyboard.

Fun-filled learning process. This typing tutor comes with typing games to add fun to the touch typing learning experience.

Tracking Progress. To help you track the progress made in your learning process, GS Typing Tutor provides typing tests and analyzes your ‘key’ problems.  You can also add to your progress using personalized exercises.

11. Typing Tournament

typing tournament

Typing Tournament is typing software made for users starting from the age of 6 to Adults. This 10-finger typing software course allows users to work on their typing skills at their own rhythm.

But there’s “tournament” in its name, so in line with that, the tool allows users to complete the quests in 16 medieval environments.  Each level presents you with new keys that have a lesson, demonstration, practice drills, games, and a progress Test.

It’s simply a fun way of improving your typing skills


Fun and Interactivity. You can master typing by completing quests in 16 medieval worlds. What’s more fun than learning typing while conquering the Dark Typist!

Typing speed goals. Typing Tournament has speed goals that start at the beginner level (6wpm). Then they raise the speed as you improve. You can start from the level that suits you and adjust the goals to fit your speed.

12. Master Key

master key

Master Key is an efficient typing tutor that supports all major platforms. You can practice on various keyboards like QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ, and AZERTY.  

It comes with a typing game called ParaTyper which improves the interactivity in the learning process. Master key also offers history and statistics and allows multiple users and groups whose work can be saved to a shared folder.


Multilingual Support. It supports French, German, and English.

Paratyper Game. The Paratyper game adds fun to learning. The game helps you increase your typing speed and accuracy.

Manageable Drills. You can create drills based on your own vocabulary preferences and pause them to do other tasks. This means that learning can become a personalized experience, dictated by your tone and pace.

13. Typing Trainer

typing trainer

Typing trainer is an easy typing tutor with a simple interface. Don’t let its simplicity fool you though, Typing trainer is an effective tool that comes with a bag of tricks to help you master speedy typing.

Typing trainer props you up real good with easy drills and practice sessions and gets you ready for new typing skills.


Smart Review.  To help you conquer frequently experienced typing problems, the Smart Review system finds words or sentences that you frequently have problems with. The tool then encourages you to practice typing such sentences and words correctly to improve accuracy.  

Motoric warm-up drills. The warm-up drills are designed to help learn the basic touch typing skills. They help you familiarize yourself with the key positions and imprint typing to your muscle memory.

Measuring Your Progress. Tracking how far you’ve come is very important. Not only does it help you see the milestones achieved, but it can motivate you to go on and achieve more. Typing Trainer offers real-time stats so that you can gauge your speeds and see how far you’ve progressed.

14. RapidTyping


This typing tutor is free and comes loaded with a truckload of typing games, excellent visual feedback, and multilingual support among other features for improving your typing skills.

The learning lessons can be customized and you’re also furnished with convenient typing statistics. The Rapid typing tutor is a typing program perfect for both classroom and homeschooling.

This is a very versatile tool, and it has a portable version―this version doesn’t require any installation; you can carry it on a USB stick and use it from there.


Multilingual support. RapidTyping supports 24 languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Belgian, and others.

A variety of learning lessons. The typing tutor offers separate lessons for basic typing, shift keys, digit keys,s, and numeric keys. There course for all levels―from the beginner level to the advanced and testing.

Configurable keyboard layouts. You can customize the keyboard based on your language preferences, the number of keys, and your system.

15. Tipp10


Tipp10 is a free touch typing software tutor that is both multilingual and OS independent. It is available as an app for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and various Linux distros).

TIPP10 supports English and German languages but has many keyboard layouts in addition to the QWERTY layout. It offers keyboards for Germany and Switzerland and other alternative layouts, including Dvorak, RISTOME, and Neo keyboards.

It’s a highly customizable tool; apart from the interface, language, and keyboard, you can also create your own practice lessons. The tool also produces comprehensive “printable” reports that assess your lessons.


Virtual assistance keyboard. The virtual keyboard helps users to type using the correct finger(s) and stay on the home keys. It does this by highlighting keys and key paths that direct your moves. And there’s a status bar that tells you the fingers you should use and displays counts of errors and characters.

Comprehensive reports. Tipp10 produces a comprehensive printable report that assesses your lesson. The report lists all completed lessons and their writing stats and includes a lesson trend diagram to help chart your progress.

Specialized lessons. The tutor offers open lessons for topics such as programming or legal texts. But users can also load their own texts into the tutor.

16. GNU Typist

gnu typist

GNU Typist, also known as gtypist, is a free and open-source typing software.

This software tool is a good resource for improving your touch typing skills.

Gtypist is loaded with loads of typing tutorials in Czech, English, Russian and Spanish, and some easier exercises in French, Norwegian, and German. It has QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak keyboard layouts.


Typing tutorials. It comes with tutorials in Czech, English, Russian and Spanish.

Multilingual Support. It supports a couple of other languages apart from English. The languages include Czech, Finnish, French, German, and Spanish.

17. Cool Typing Tutor

This is another free typing software that’s simple but effective enough for you to learn touch typing.

This tool is so different from the rest of the tools on this list; it’s by far the simplest and the most lightweight.

The way the tool works is straightforward; what you do is write whatever sentences you want, insert them into the cool typing tutor and click the ‘Create web page’ button. After that, you can start practicing your typing skills in your web browser.

It’s so basic and not loaded with lessons like the other tools, but it’s effective.

18. Nitro Type homepage

Nitro Type is another free online typing program but with a speedy twist. While learning to type is its main focus as will all the others on this list, Nitro Type is themed as a racing game. So the quicker you type the faster your car will go.

What I found really cool about this is it makes something like learning to touch type, which can be a little mundane and turns it into a competitive challenge. You can actually compete with up to 5 other typers from around the world in real-time, thus giving you an incentive to increase your typing speed so you don’t get left behind by the other typing racers.


Available for teachers to use in class. Teachers can use Nitro Type free in the classroom, giving students a fun way to learn and improve their touch typing skills.

Compete against friends. Being able to compete against 5 other people in real-time, you can also set it up to go up against your friends, and we all know what that means… bragging rights to whoever wins!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Typing Software

Typing Lessons at Various Levels

This is the first thing that you should be looking at when choosing a software typing tutor. The best typing software programs often have resources for different levels: basic, intermediate, or advanced levels.

You might think that you don’t need all these levels (especially the basic levels), but as they say, learning never ends and there’s at least one thing you can pick up from those ‘basic levels.’

Also, you might use the tools to train kids who are at the basic level or lower.

Ease of use

Mastering a new skill is a stressful thing on its own, so you don’t need software that adds to that stress. The tool has to have an intuitive UI at least.

Therefore, the tool needs to have a tidy interface with all the learning resources arranged using easy-to-find tabs for quick access.  

The learning speed from the top programs is usually shorter, with much of the emphasis placed on mastering typing rather than mastering the tool itself.

Interactive Features

Mastering typing has to be fun. To add some fun to the learning process, the best typing software tools have added a bunch of interactive features to their programs. You can play typing games and answer quizzes or access other interactive lessons; thereby, enjoying an interactive learning experience.

Some typing tutors go as far as providing interactive multi-player games in which you play and compete with fellow typing students or tutors.

Progress tracking

Typing software has to provide feedback on your progress. If you start using a particular typing tutor typing at a beginner level, the tool needs to help you track your progress to an advanced level. The typing tutor has to have multiple levels so that completing and progressing those levels acts as a gauge that shows you just how far you’ve come.

Some tools provide Typing Tests, and from those tests, they analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The typing software tools also need to furnish you with progress reports or typing statistics for each level, day, and week so that you can see how much you have typed and at what typing.

Some of the best typing software that I tried offered features for setting typing goals—the custom goals when you want to learn at your own pace.

Alternative keyboards

I think the standard English QWERTY keyboard layout is the most common. A lot of people know how to use this keyboard, but very few actually know that there are alternative keyboards out there.

It is even claimed that some keyboards are more efficient than the English QWERTY keyboard. One alternative to the English Qwerty keyboard is the Dvorak keyboard layout, which is taught on a couple of the best typing platforms.

For professional writers and programmers, learning alternative keyboards should be seen as more of a good investment than just an interest.


When looking for typing software, you’ll need to look at the supported operating systems and the platforms you can access the software on.

If you want a typing tutor that is also available as a desktop app, then you also have to check whether it’s available for Windows or macOS. Most typing tutors are available online, which is convenient because you can access them from any internet-enabled computer.

Best Typing Software Of 2024: The Verdict

The best typing software in 2024 is Typesy. It has a lean interface design and is packed with lessons, games, and exercises that will surely improve speed and accuracy.

Plus… it comes with very helpful videos for every lesson. The explanations offered in the videos make the process of learning touch typing an easier one.

Typing Software FAQs

What Is a Typing Tutor?

A typing tutor is a software program that helps you practice and sharpen your typing skills. Typing tutors have lessons, games, and typing tests that help improve your typing accuracy and speed.

What is WPM

WPM is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Words Per Minute.’ It represents the number of words you can produce in a single minute. The higher the WPM, the faster your typing speed is.

What is the Average Typing Speed?

The average typing speed is about 40 WPM. For professionals, this rate is actually low, and most average professionals have a range of 60-80 WPM.

Why Is Typing an Important Skill for Computer Professionals?

having the skill of typing efficiently helps to speed up tasks
Having the skill of typing efficiently helps to speed up tasks.

Better typing skills for computer professionals translate to higher productivity and a lot of saved time.

Programmers, for instance, have to write long lines of code. If their typing speed is average, they might spend hours trying to write lines of code that’d otherwise take minutes to write. And one inaccurate character can mess up the whole code so, if their typing accuracy is also not good, they have to constantly go back to the ‘haystack’ to find the needle and correct things.

Final Words On The Best Typing Software

If you were looking for the best typing software, this list is pretty much it (except for a few that I might have missed).

These are the tools that will turn you into a touch typing pro, with a lot of effort on your part, of course.

Some of the tools on the list are web-based apps, while others are offline apps that you can use even when you have an unstable internet connection or none at all.

Once again, Typesy is the top pick as a typing tutor―with a modern interface, truckloads of videos, games, exercises, and training designed with the science of muscle memory in mind, it will get that finger speed of yours up to a blazing level…  now get typing! 

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