All Of Tom Clancy’s Books In Order

tom clancy books in order

The name “Tom Clancy” is known far beyond publishing circles; Clancy’s name is well known in both the film and gaming industries. Blockbusters made from Clancy’s books like Hunt for Red October, The Sum of All Fears, and Clear and Present Danger have starred some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers, including Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Ben … Read more

J.D. Robb Books In Order [Full List]

j.d. robb books in order

Good writers often specialize in one genre and make a name off of that single genre. It could be horror, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, or any other genre. Then we have versatile, god-level writers who can create anything they want to. Norah Roberts is one of them, a brilliant writer who created a pen name … Read more

The Wheel of Time Books In Order

wheel of time books in order

Forget The Wheel of Time Amazon Series; here we talk books, and I’m covering this long and interesting high fantasy series. Precisely, the largest high fantasy book series. The series was written by the American author, James Oliver Rigney Jr., under the pen name Robert Jordan. Rigney tells an epic fantasy story interwoven with themes … Read more

Jack Carr Books In Order

jack carr books in order

I have just watched The Terminal List and I must say, it was just as good as the books. It’s a personal opinion. You might disagree, but I’m a Hollywood junkie, so I’m into both movies and books. But again, a reminder: here, we talk books. So, forget that exciting movie series, and let’s talk … Read more

C.J. Box Books in Order

cj box books in order

Writing a book that is good enough for a Hollywood company to produce a series out of is a remarkable feat. C.J. Box is one of the talented ones that have achieved more than this feat. The rights to his books have been in high demand, with two TV series having been produced from C.J. … Read more

Outlander Books In Order

outlander books in order

You probably have seen the Outlander TV series or, maybe, read a few background stories. I’m not going to lie, the drama series is quite good. An 8.9 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, come on, that’s a very high score. But… don’t be fooled, the books are much better! They’re good and they’re huge—like, one thousand … Read more

John Grisham Books In Order

john grisham books in order

If you’re a writer and you’ve published books before, then you know that writing 47 consecutive number one bestsellers is close to impossible. You also know that outselling The Beatles or Michael Jackson is something of a fairytale for most. Well, not if you are John Grisham. When it comes to legal thrillers, Grisham is … Read more

All of Louise Penny’s Books in Publishing Order

louise penny books in order

In the mystery and suspense category, there aren’t many writers better than Louise Penny—an award-winning writer and creator of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. As usual, I have done a thorough research and compiled a full list of Louise Penny books in order of publication. I must say that I enjoyed researching Louise because it turns … Read more

All the Twilight Saga Books in Order

twilight books in order

Massive fan of fantasy YA? Then you’ve probably heard or even read one of the books in the Twilight Saga series. A mixture of teenage romance, vampires, and slow-paced small-town life—another clichéd story, but it’s hard to beat that combo. The Twilight book series follows the journey of a 17-year-old teenage girl, Bella Swan, and … Read more

10 Best Books To Improve Your Writing Skills

best books to improve your writing

Although writing skills can be sharpened and although writing comes naturally for most people, good writing skills have to be learned. Some writers become good by consistently writing and learning from mistakes. However, not all of us are going to become good writers without insights from established writers. If you want to sharpen your writing … Read more