12 Best Billionaire Romance Books

best billionaire romance books

The billionaire trope is undoubtedly one of the most popular tropes in romance novels. The reason behind this popularity is so obvious; billionaire romances are manifestations of everyone’s dreams. Having a romantic relationship with someone who is endowed physically and financially. And we love to see the transformation of the billionaire, who is usually cold, … Read more

Best Reverse Harem Books

best reverse harem books

Who’s up for rebelling against society’s gender roles? Now, wait a minute, this is not a feminist movement. But, I’m tired of seeing the same tropes with a man trying to juggle the demands of his relationships with multiple women. Why can’t we have a woman trying to maintain her relationships with a couple of … Read more

Best Steamy Historical Romance Novels

best steamy historical romance novels

Steamy historical romance fiction takes you back in time, to another time and place and serves a delicious love story! Like, who doesn’t want to read a steamy love story? Set in another time, like the Regency era, or earlier. Who doesn’t want to read about a romantic heroine dawning a Tudor-style dress or the … Read more

Scary Poems That’ll Send Chills Down Your Spine

scary poems

Good poetry is capable of evoking any emotion; it can make us ponder, cry, feel loved, sober up, or make us laugh. If it is horror poetry and you are reading it in the dark, it can scare the bejesus heck out of you. We all love a poetic piece that has love and joy … Read more

Penelope Douglas Books In Order

penelope douglas books in order

We all act like we are okay, but deep down, every writer wants to be a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Not only that, every reader wants a book worth their time, not just a book that became a bestseller just because of aggressive marketing campaigns. Like Penelope Douglas’ … Read more

Harold Robbins Books in Order

harold robbins books in order

A serial liar, a vulgar and debauched individual, but most importantly, one of the bestselling authors of all time! Ladies and gentlemen, Harold Robbins (Harold Rubin)! Harold Robbins was a best-selling author in the 20th century whose novels often, or should I say always, were about sex and money. His books left his critics unamused … Read more

Colleen Hoover Books in Order

colleen hoover books in order

I have written a couple of articles on bestselling authors, most of whom have either slowed down their output or are no longer with us. But this one’s still going strong and she will probably see this post, I hope. It’s a Colleen Hoover special! To her readership, Colleen is a drug! Better than cocaine … Read more

Barbara Cartland Books in Order

barbara cartland books in order

I always say that if you have authored more than 10 novels, you’re superhuman. What if one published more than 700 novels? You would belong in the same class as Barbara Cartland. Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland— step-grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales—is one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century. This is … Read more

Danielle Steel Books In Order

danielle steel books in order

Every writer knows that it’s never an easy task to write a book, just one book. But… this is Danielle Steel and I think she has superpowers! Danielle has written more than 149 books—and more than 146 of them are novels. More than 146 novels? Yep! And most of them—if not all—are bestsellers. I had … Read more

List of Agatha Christie Books

list of agatha christie books

This is a special piece, an article dedicated to the best-selling novelist of all time. This is a gargantuan lady whose novels have been bossing the fiction arena for more than a century. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of softened—but proud—applause for the queen of fiction, Agatha Christie! I tried my best to explore online … Read more