Danielle Steel Books In Order

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danielle steel books in order

Every writer knows that it’s never an easy task to write a book, just one book.

But… this is Danielle Steel and I think she has superpowers!

Danielle has written more than 149 books—and more than 146 of them are novels.

More than 146 novels? Yep! And most of them—if not all—are bestsellers.

I had to look for all these pieces of art by Danielle Steel and make categorized lists of her books.

So, here is the list of Danielle Steel’s books in order, a list that I hope will avoid the hassle of moving from site to site looking for these beauties.

Let’s get started!

Who is Danielle Steel?

Before we get to Danielle Steel’s books, let us discover the woman behind the art.

Danielle Steel was born Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel on 14 August 1947, in New York City, New York, U.S. She is best known for her numerous best-selling steamy historical romance novels, which have made her the bestselling author alive and the fourth-bestselling fiction author of all time, having sold over 800 million copies..

Danielle was an only child from the marriage of John Schulein-Steel (German-Jewish immigrant) and Norma da Camara Stone dos Reis (daughter of a Portuguese diplomat). After John and Norma divorced, Danielle lived with her father and rarely saw her mother.

In 1965, two years after she had graduated from the Lycée Français, she married a French-American banker Claude-Eric Lazard. Danielle Steel began writing and by the age of 19, she had completed her first manuscript.

Going Home, which is Steel’s first novel, was published in 1972. The novel bore themes that her writing would become well known for, such as family issues and human relationships.

In 1977 and 1978, Danielle Steel published two books, Passion’s Promise and Now and Forever, two novels that launched her career and were inspired by her marriage to her second husband, Danny Zugelder.

5 stacks of honor thyself by danielle steel
5 stacks of Danielle Steel’s Honor Thyself is displayed in a bookstore. (Image credit: “Book stacks – Costco Warehouse store Kauai” by brewbooks on Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

In 1989, Steel got married for the fourth time to vintner John Traina. Afterward, she churned bestseller after bestseller, and it came as no surprise when— in 1989—the Guinness Book of World Records listed her as the author who had a book on the New York Times Bestseller List for the longest time—381 consecutive weeks at that time.

Her works have been translated into over 43 languages, published in 69 countries, and 22 of her books have been adapted for television and have received two Golden Globe nominations.

Danielle Steel has sold 900 million copies of these books internationally, and each of her novels is a best-seller.

5 Best Danielle Steel Books

1. Wanderlust (1987)


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Wanderlust has to be the best that Danielle Steel has ever written—the sales stats might paint a different picture, but when you read it, you’ll understand.

It is a breathtaking tale about men and women caught in the tides of personal drama and historic events, a story full of romance, struggle, and triumph.

The story follows Audrey Driscoll, who was orphaned at a young age, and Charles Parker-Scott, Audrey’s soul mate.

Audrey meets James and Violet Hawthorne, who then introduce her to Charles. The two spend a relaxed summer at Cap d’Antibes, where their love blossoms, and then board the Orient Express to a remote outpost in China.

Their undying passion survives the wrath of time and conflict—it’s not a novel you can put down once you start reading!

2. Finding Ashley (2021)

Finding Ashley

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Should we even bother saying that this is a New York Times bestseller?

In this emotional tale, two estranged sisters get the chance to connect again and right the wrongs of the past.

The two sisters, Melisa and Hattie, are on a quest to find a daughter that Melisa gave up when she was 16.

Melissa’s world fell apart when she lost her young son to cancer, but she found purpose after she bought and decided to remodel an old Victorian house.

On the other hand, Hattie is a nun and wants to try to help her sister heal from the loss. But as the story advances, Hattie’s beliefs are challenged and her past resurfaces.

You’ll love this emotionally gripping blockbuster.

3. Summer’s End (1979)

Summer's End

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Summer’s End is Danielle Steel’s 6th novel and contains the themes we associated with Danielle Steel: relationships and family.

It’s a story about Deanna who—at 18 years of age—married a handsome Frenchman, attorney Marc-Edouard Duras.

Almost twenty years later, during one blissful summer, Deanna meets a man who shows her what life is like outside of her unhappy marriage, a marriage she feels stuck in.

But that blissful summer soon comes to an end and things go from bad to worse for Deanna.  

What happens next? Is she going to get out of the trap and find joy again?

4. Jewels (1992)


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It’s Sarah Whitfield’s seventy-fifth birthday and her mind is taking her back to 1930s New York, to a time when Sarah’s life got shattered after the end of her ill-fated marriage to Freddie.

To get her spirits up, her parents take her to Europe where she meets William, Duke of Whitfield.

The two enjoy a good romantic spell and get married before WWII disrupts everything.

After the war, The Whitfields start buying and selling jewels, a lucrative business that coincides with the growth of their family.

The Whitfields produce four very different children, each of whom is drawn into the business their parents built.

Danielle Steel takes us on a journey into the very heart of a family’s strength living in extraordinary times filled with war, passion, and international intrigue.

5. Silent Honor (1996)

Silent Honor

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It is August 1941, an 18-year-old Hiroko boards the SS Nagoya Maru to come to California for an education and to make her father proud.

In California, she goes to live with her uncle, Takeo, and his family.

Instantly, Kyoto notices that California is a different world from Kyoto. When Hiroko starts to settle in and make a life for herself, things go south: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

All of a sudden, her new home is no longer hospitable (not that it was very friendly towards ‘outsiders’ anyway).

In a blink of an eye, she becomes a national enemy—Takeo and his family (along with multitudes of other Japanese and Japanese Americans) are ordered to sell their home, quit their jobs, and report to a relocation center.

Once again, Danielle Steel showcases her brilliance in this coming-of-age story, as she explores a historic time from a completely different angle. Steel tackles the hidden dark side of WWII, things that many wish to forget including the impact of the war on Japanese and Japanese American families and Xenophobia.

Danielle Steel Books In Order

Novels in Publishing Order

  1. Going Home (1973)
  2. Passion’s Promise (1976)
  3. Now and Forever (1978)
  4. The Promise (1978)
  5. Season of Passion (1979)
  6. Summer’s End (1979)
  7. The Ring (1980)
  8. Loving (1980)
  9. To Love Again (1980)
  10. Palomino (1981)
  11. Remembrance (1981)
  12. A Perfect Stranger (1982)
  13. Crossings (1982)
  14. Once In A Lifetime (1982)
  15. Thurston House (1983)
  16. Changes (1983)
  17. Full Circle (1984)
  18. Family Album (1985)
  19. Secrets (1985)
  20. Wanderlust (1986)
  21. Fine Things (1987)
  22. Kaleidoscope (1987)
  23. Zoya (1988)
  24. Star (1989)
  25. Daddy (1989)
  26. Message From Nam (1990)
  27. Heartbeat (1991)
  28. No Greater Love (1991)
  29. Jewels (1992)
  30. Mixed Blessings (1992)
  31. Vanished (1993)
  32. Accident (1994)
  33. The Gift (1994)
  34. Wings (1994)
  35. Lightning (1995)
  36. Five Days in Paris (1995)
  37. Malice (1996)
  38. Silent Honor (1996)
  39. Special Delivery (1997)
  40. The Ranch (1997)
  41. The Long Road Home (1998)
  42. The Klone and I (1998)
  43. Mirror Image (1998)
  44. The Ghost (1998)
  45. Bittersweet (1999)
  46. Granny Dan (1999)
  47. Irresistible Forces (1999)
  48. The House on Hope Street (2000)
  49. Journey (2000)
  50. The Wedding (2001)
  51. Lone Eagle (2001)
  52. Leap of Faith (2001)
  53. The Kiss (2001)
  54. The Cottage (2002)
  55. Sunset In St. Tropez (2002)
  56. Answered Prayers (2002)
  57. Dating Game (2003)
  58. Johnny Angel (2003)
  59. Safe Harbour (2003)
  60. Ransom (2004)
  61. Second Chance (2004)
  62. Echoes (2004)
  63. Impossible (2005)
  64. Miracle (2005)
  65. Toxic Bachelors (2005)
  66. The House (2006)
  67. Coming Out (2006)
  68. H.R.H. (2006)
  69. Sisters (2007)
  70. Bungalow Two (2007)
  71. Amazing Grace (2007)
  72. Honor Thyself (2008)
  73. Rogue (2008)
  74. A Good Woman (2008)
  75. One Day at a Time (2009)
  76. Matters of the Heart (2009)
  77. Southern Lights (2009)
  78. Big Girl (2010)
  79. Family Ties (2010)
  80. Legacy (2010)
  81. 44 Charles Street (2011)
  82. Happy Birthday (2011)
  83. Hotel Vendome (2011)
  84. Betrayal (2012)
  85. Friends Forever (2012)
  86. The Sins of the Mother (2012)
  87. Until The End Of Time (2013)
  88. First Sight (2013)
  89. Winners (2013)
  90. Power Play (2014)
  91. A Perfect Life (2014)
  92. Pegasus (2014)
  93. Prodigal Son (2014)
  94. Country (2015)
  95. Undercover (2015)
  96. Precious Gifts (2015)
  97. Blue (2016)
  98. Property of a Noblewoman (2016)
  99. The Apartment (2016)
  100. Magic (2016)
  101. Rushing Waters (2016)
  102. The Award (2016)
  103. The Mistress (2017)
  104. Dangerous Games (2017)
  105. Against All Odds (2017)
  106. The Duchess (2017)
  107. The Right Time (2017)
  108. Fairytale (2017)
  109. Past Perfect (2017)
  110. Fall from Grace (2018)
  111. Accidental Heroes (2018)
  112. The Cast (2018)
  113. The Good Fight (2018)
  114. In His Father’s Footsteps (2018)
  115. Beauchamp Hall (2018)
  116. Turning Point (2019)
  117. Silent Night (2019)
  118. Blessing in Disguise (2019)
  119. Lost and Found (2019)
  120. The Dark Side (2019)
  121. Child’s Play (2019)
  122. Spy (2019)
  123. Moral Compass (2020)
  124. The Numbers Game (2020)
  125. The Wedding Dress (2020)
  126. Daddy’s Girls (2020)
  127. Royal (2020)
  128. All That Glitters (2020)
  129. Neighbors (2021)
  130. The Affair (2021)
  131. Finding Ashley (2021)
  132. Nine Lives (2021)
  133. Complications (2021)
  134. The Butler (2021)
  135. Flying Angels (2021)
  136. Invisible (2022)
  137. High Stakes (2022)
  138. Beautiful (2022)
  139. Suspects (2022)
  140. The Challenge (2022)

Danielle Steel’s Book Series

Max and Martha

  1. Martha’s New Daddy (1989)
  2. Max and the Baby-Sitter (1989)
  3. Martha’s Best Friend (1989)
  4. Max’s Daddy Goes to the Hospital (1989)
  5. Max’s New Baby (1989)
  6. Martha’s New School (1989)
  7. Max Runs Away (1990)
  8. Martha’s New Puppy (1990)
  9. Max and Grandma and Granpa Winky (1991)
  10. Martha and Hillary and the Stranger (1991)

Freddie Children’s Books in Order

  1. Freddie’s Trip (1992)
  2. Freddie’s First Night Away (1992)
  3. Freddie and the Doctor (1992)
  4. Freddie’s Accident (1992)

Danielle Steel’s Picture Books in Publishing Order

  1. The Happiest Hippo in the World (2000)
  2. Pretty Minnie in Paris (2014)
  3. Pretty Minnie in Hollywood (2016)

Danielle Steel’s Non-Fiction Books in Publishing Order

  1. His Bright Light (1998)
  2. A Gift of Hope (2010)
  3. Pure Joy (2013)
  4. Expect a Miracle (2020)

Final Words

I hope that this article on Danielle Steel’s books in publishing order, series, and genre was of great help.

If you are a huge fan of Danielle Steel’s books, you might know a book that I missed in this article. 

I wouldn’t be surprised because Danielle wrote a lot of books.

As I said, she is superhuman! It is even rumored that she sleeps for four hours a day just to write books at night.

If it’s your first time coming across Danielle Steel’s works, I promise you won’t be disappointed once you start reading the books.

Check them out!

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