All David Baldacci Books In Order of Publication

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all david baldacci books in order of publication

If you seek thriller recommendations, it is hard to get ten responses without Baldacci being a common author suggestion. But getting into his bibliography is tricky since he is celebrated for four different series and has penned over three dozen novels.

In this article, you will find the top Baldacci books alongside their plot summaries. You will also find a comprehensive list of all David Baldacci books in order of publication and grouped into book series.

Above all, you will learn more about the man behind the mysteries and thrillers. Let’s get started with his top three titles at a glance.

Our best David Baldacci Books at a glance:

  1. Memory Man
  2. The Innocent
  3. Absolute Power

David Baldacci: The Man Behind The Thrillers

David Baldacci was born on August 5, 1960, in Richmond, Virginia. The American novelist grew up with an interest in stories but fully embraced his writing talent while working as an attorney. He wrote his first thriller in secret without discussing it with anyone except his wife.

When he got the call about publisher interest, he was at work and couldn’t share the good news with anyone. He recalls calling his wife to let her know the good news. To that, she responded by asking how much he would need to pay the publisher.

While Baldacci was successful enough with his first book to land an advance for the next one, he wasn’t sure if his success as a writer would last. That’s why he stayed a practicing attorney for his firm for at least one more year. During this period, he saved money, and once he had enough, he turned in his resignation.

Baldacci approaches writing with the same hard-working ethic as a lawyer. He produces two complete books each year and often adds a short story or a novella to his bibliography.

David Baldacci’s earlier bibliography borrows from his legal background, while his later work leans more on his knowledge of law enforcement and the secret service, which he gathered when interviewing experts in those respective fields.

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Best David Baldacci Books

Memory Man

Memory Man

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Memory Man is one of those books that defines its authors. Despite Baldacci telling better stories in his later works, Memory Man consistently tops the charts in his bibliography because of its fresh premise, strong character introduction, and cathartic conclusion.

The title of the book alludes to the photographic memory of the main character, Amos Decker. As Baldacci continued to publish more books, Decker became a household name and a recurring series lead.

It is very fortunate that his introduction in Memory Man is perfect and shows his character in a way that doesn’t need undermining in future plots. Decker is not perfect in anything except his recall, and he isn’t a selfless hero who is too unrelatable.

In fact, the good he does in Memory Man is personally motivated. He wants one thing only, and that is to solve the murder of his family. At the same time, he wants to move on and forget but cannot help it.

Memory Man’s appeal is not just in its dark and gritty themes but also in the story’s conclusion. You don’t need to continue following Decker beyond this book if you don’t want to. Still, you need to put in the time to read over 500 pages of this mega-novel.

The Innocent

The Innocent

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Where Memory Man introduces Decker, The Innocent introduces Will Robie. It is easy to confuse The Innocent by David Baldacci with a book of the same name by author Harlan Coben, as the latter is making headlines with screen adaptations for Netflix.

Baldacci’s The Innocent tells a different story, introducing Will Robie, a hitman who is contracted by the US Government to finish an unfinished assassination task. Robie breaks his career-long consistency and makes one mistake that he has never made before.

He refuses to pull the trigger. In the process, he becomes the chief target of the coverup operation, for which he was an unwitting pawn.

Baldacci positions Robie as a moral person with different morals than ordinary mortals. He isn’t your average assassin-with-a-code type of character. He has his own morality, where killing isn’t wrong except when it is in self-defense or to eliminate bad guys.

This moral framework allows Robie to be a protagonist while having anti-hero and downright villainous traits. The Innocent is the perfect study of this character, as it chronicles an event that cements who Robie is.

Absolute Power


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This novel has one of the most creative premises in thriller fiction. Absolute Power involves the most widely accepted icon of absolute power, the US President, and he is not an innocent man. To keep him innocent, the protagonist is framed and chased.

He has to prove his innocence while bringing someone in a position of unfathomable power to justice. And it is trickier because the protagonist, Luther Whitney, is present at the crime scene.

What he thought would be a quiet burglary in a billionaire’s house takes an interesting twist when there seems to be a movement and Whitney sneaks into the closet. He then sees the billionaire’s wife with the president of the United States. Things get steamy before they get scary, and the secret service ends up killing the president’s mistress.

Whitney manages to escape the crime scene, but his presence doesn’t go unnoticed by those in power, who use it to frame him. In this nail-biting page-turner, Baldacci handles pacing and character-building masterfully. This is one of Baldacci’s best-received books, both commercially and critically, and deserves to be in his top three.

Zero Day

Zero Day

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John Puller is another recurring lead in the Baldacci bibliography, and Zero Day marks his debut. As a top investigator in the US Military’s Criminal Investigation Division, Puller usually handles crimes of interest to the army.

The events of Zero Day pivot from his regular professional life because he has to go to a remote location for a civilian murder investigation. However, because the victim’s family has military connections, he is sent regardless.

During this investigation, Puller pulls layer after layer to find something larger than him at play. He is paired with a local homicide detective, Samantha Cole, and Baldacci balances the two characters’ page time and input level brilliantly. There isn’t a lot of exploration of Puller’s character in this novel, but enough of it is covered to fuel three more books.

This book is highly recommended for people who want to follow a character through multiple books but don’t want to make a 5+ book commitment. John Puller has 4 books as of now, and they are pretty consistent in plot engagement, pacing, and satisfactory conclusions. It is also a good standalone read, though there are far better solo reads in Baldacci’s bibliography.

The Camel Club

The Camel Club

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The Camel Club began a series of (currently) five books, the first of which was named after the protagonist group of the same name. The club engages in conspiracy analysis and discussion with the mission of decoding the reasons behind different policies, statements, and actions of the United States.

In this Baldacci thriller, the conspiracy theorists’ club stumbles into an actual conspiracy when they witness a crime that has far-reaching implications. Their lives are in danger, but much more is at stake. The conspiracy they must now uncover could spark a world war if left unchecked.

The Camel Club’s introductory book can be read as a standalone volume or as the first chapter in a five-book story. It is evident that when the book was written, Baldacci was open to sequels but didn’t bet on them. Therefore, its conclusion is quite satisfactory for a solo read.

The book pairs the club with a secret service agent in an off-the-books mission to counter the machinations of the powerful few who want to take the US to war. The Camel Club can be considered a conspiracy thriller, spy thriller, and murder mystery adventure, as it refuses to fall squarely into any subcategory.

Split Second

Split Second

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Most of Baldacci’s top books are debuts for different characters. Keeping in line with that tradition, Split Second debuts King and Maxwell, a duo that actualizes as a crime-investigating pair. The driving point of the plot is the split-second distraction of Michelle Maxwell, a secret service agent, that costs the US president his autonomy.

With the president having vanished in the short time she was distracted, the blame for failing to protect falls squarely on Maxwell, whose career has been ruined. Sean King, who had gone through a similar incident eight years earlier, can relate to Michelle.

King was the secret service agent designated to protect a candidate when a similar attention lapse led to a similar disaster. The man he was protecting died, and King’s career took a turn for the worse.

King and Maxwell team up to recover the kidnapped president, and in the process, they form a bond that lasts over half a dozen books. The story is very well thought out and, while campy in some areas, is fresh and original enough to make its way into the “top Baldacci books” category.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

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Baldacci is great at writing about high-stakes encounters and the aftermath of anything less than peak performance in pivotal moments. Last Man Standing is the story of Web London, who is the sole survivor of an attack on an FBI hostage rescue team to which he belongs.

When he is quite literally the last man standing, it is his responsibility to uncover the people behind the murder of his squad fellows and friends.

It turns out that the drug operation he was targeting is much larger, and the force that cost him everything except his life wants to finish the job it started.

This book is different in that it has techno-thriller elements more than most of Baldacci’s books. If it weren’t for Baldacci’s signature introspective characters, Last Man Standing could pass for a Tom Clancy book.

This book has broad appeal and is a stand-alone read. It can be treated as a classic thriller story but serves as a poor introduction to Baldacci, which is why it isn’t too high on the list of top recommendations.

But that is only because Web London is compared to the likes of Amos Decker and Will Robie. But in the bibliography of an average thriller writer known for his solo books, Last Man Standing would easily be a top-three book.

The Winner

The Winner

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The Winner is yet another unorthodox entry in the Baldacci thriller umbrella. It follows a female lead who has been given a lot of money in exchange for delivering on the promise of changing her identity and leaving US soil forever.

While the offer is tempting enough for her to sign up, it requires something of her that she cannot completely commit to. Not long after winning the $100 million jackpot, LuAnn Tyler breaks the promise that made her rich.

And the man who made her rich becomes an enemy who wants her dead. This thriller’s premise and protagonist are quite different from classic Baldacci stories. To a great extent, that is what pushes this thriller significantly lower on the list of his top books. It isn’t so much a matter of the book’s quality as its alignment with the rest of Baldacci’s bibliography.

Still, in its own right, it is an excellent thriller with twists and turns that touches on institutional espionage and law enforcement crime detection themes but remains a deeply personalized story at its core. You can enjoy this book as an average thriller and crime novel fan. A prior introduction to Baldacci’s books is not necessary.

David Baldacci FAQs

How many books did David Baldacci write?

David Baldacci has written over 40 novels and still writes two books a year, along with a short story or novella. Baldacci’s books often belong to one of his series but serve well as standalone reads as well.

Who Is The Main Character In David Baldacci’s Books?

The most popular main characters in Baldacci’s novels are Amos Decker, Will Robie, and John Puller. He has multiple characters that serve as leads for separate series, with some crossovers across his bibliography.

What Is Considered The Best David Baldacci Book?

Memory Man is considered the best David Baldacci book, even though he is most famous for his breakthrough debut novel, Absolute Power. The Baldacci bibliography is pretty expansive and accommodates three of the most popular leading characters in thriller fiction. However, not many of them have made their way to the big screen.

Does David Baldacci Have Ghostwriters?

David Baldacci does not have ghostwriters. He writes his own books and does his research, which entails going out and personally interviewing relevant people.

What Genre Does David Baldacci Write?

Baldacci writes crime thrillers and suspense novels with law enforcement angles. His background as a lawyer helps his research process but doesn’t overtly inform his character choices and story settings.

His debut novel was the only one that was directly influenced by Baldacci’s legal career. As Baldacci progressed in his writing profession, he leaned further into agent-driven and assassin-driven novels. He now writes crime thrillers and conspiracy thrillers.

david baldacci writing a new book
David Baldacci writing a new book

What Did David Baldacci Do Before Writing?

Before publishing his first novel, Baldacci was a lawyer. He continued to be a lawyer for an entire year after the publication of his first book to transition from his legal profession to fiction writing in a financially stable way.

What Was The First David Baldacci Book?

Absolute Power was the first David Baldacci book. It became a best-seller and launched his writing career. Baldacci didn’t turn it into a series but continued writing books with legal and semi-legal premises up until the invention of Amos Decker.

Does Will Robie Meet Amos Decker?

Amos Decker and Will Robie team up in an Amos Decker book, Walk the Wire. Other characters from the Will Robie series also appear in this title.

Wrapping It Up

Baldacci is considered to be among the highest-grossing thriller writers of this century. He is a thorough professional who translates his attorney-tier research skills into his fiction writing and has produced two or more works per year since his debut. You can find a complete list of his books in order in this post. The best way to read Baldacci is to read each lead’s debut novel and see which one you find more compelling.

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