20 Funny Books Memes Guaranteed To Crack Your Ribs

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20 funny books memes guaranteed to crack your ribs

After spending a lot of time alone reading or writing, you need to take a break and do something to refresh your mind. 

There are plenty of things, but if it’s a short break, you need something that doesn’t take much of your time. And, for a bibliophile, nothing beats a meme from or about books. 

Laughter is the best medicine, even for us.

One thing I like about book memes is that they are usually inoffensive, accurate, and—of course—funny.

I’m in a lot of writer groups, and we always share memes, so I thought it’d be a good idea to share a bunch of funny book memes on my blog.

Funny Books Memes

Just for SEO sake, I’m going to give the memes my own titles—and I have to admit, some of them are going to be gooey.

20. Funny Sean Connery Book Pun

I can only blame my shelf
Funny Sean Connery Book Pun

If you’ve heard Sean speak, you are definitely going to fall down laughing at this.

19. Books Offer an Escape

When someone asks me why I love to read so much
Books Offer An Escape

We find peace in these books and take comfort in the fact that our heroes are better people than the people we encounter every day.

18. The Bestseller Facade Meme 

When someone says it's a bestseller
The Bestseller Facade Meme

Just because it’s a bestseller doesn’t mean it’s a good book.

17. Book Obsession

I choose you all book meme
Book Obsession

Ever walked around a bookstore and everything just looked beautiful? Yes, this is me, every single time. 

16. The Camouflage Book Meme

just written a book about camouflage
The Camouflage Book Meme

This one doesn’t need an explanation. It’s an obvious ha-ha.

15. The Dream Date

Bookstore dream date
The Dream Date

A date at the source of my happiness.

14. It Didn’t Have to End Like That

Terrible ending book
It Didn’t Have To End Like That

Having invested all that time, this is how the book chooses to end. Seriously? This meme is funny now, but there’s nothing funny about a disappointing story ending.

13. Classic Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy’s dialogue without quotation marks
Classic Cormac McCarthy

Instant gag. (Cormac McCarthy’s dialogue without quotation marks looked neat, though.)

12. Book Hoarding Meme

book hoarding meme
Book Hoarding Meme

Another relatable one for all of us. How many books have we shelved in the “read later” section? Even as softcopies, we usually have a folder full of unread books.

11. Bookstore Cravings Kid

 when someone leaves for the bookstore
Bookstore Cravings Kid

This is one of the most accurate and funniest book memes. For avid readers, everything about books is appetizing: the smell, the looks, and the stories. There’s no way I’m not behaving like that kid when someone leaves for the bookstore.

10. Attention Span Problems

Zoning out while reading
Attention Span Problems

When your negligible attention span keeps getting in the way, you are going to spend an eternity trying to turn a single page.

9. The Magic of a Book 

I read because it's relaxing
The Magic Of A Book

Every part of this meme is true. The same book can make me laugh, curse, and cry at the same time. In the end, I’ll give it a 5-star rating.

how i really feel browsing in the book store
How I really feel browsing in the book store

I might look like a normal person in a normal world, but in my mind, it’s deeper than that.

8. This One’s a Bit Uhm

Parent reads Lord of the rings to kids
This One’s A Bit Uhm

Pun intended.

7. “The Story was Real for Me”

reading a fictional story that made so much sense
The Story Was Real For Me

Have you ever read a fictional story that made so much sense and made you believe it was real? This is how I feel every time I read a good story.

6. Weekend Fun for a Bibliophile

how a bibliophile spends his weekend
Weekend Fun For A Bibliophile

Nerdy bibliophiles, gather around! This one is for us. We’re staying indoors and enjoying our book. If it’s drinking and womanizing, we’ll leave that to the story’s rake.

5. The Sheldon Obsession Meme

I don't need sleep. I need answers
The Sheldon Obsession Meme

Hmm-mm. I’m finishing this book before I go to bed.

4. The Dark Voice in a Bookworm’s Head

Not buying anymore books until I read the ones I have
The Dark Voice In A Bookworm’s Head

Another meme about book hoarding. You add them one by one until they are too many to read. Then you add more.

3. Annoying Company

Someone keeps talking while you read
Annoying Company

Leave me alone! Go away! I need to immerse myself in a whole new world. 

2. Book Adventurer

How I act when I get a new book
Book Adventurer

Another “Lord of the Rings” meme—actually, it’s another Frodo meme.

1. The American Chopper Book Argument Meme

I'm getting more books!
The American Chopper Book Argument Meme

This one has been around for years, but it’s still the funniest book meme that I have seen. There might be others funnier than it, but this one always comes to mind when I think about book memes.

Bonus Book Meme

This one isn’t necessarily about books, but I find it so funny and relatable. Plus, there’s a book in the image.

Me at 3am reading all 388 comments of strangers arguing on facebook
Bonus Book Meme

Final Words

In today’s social media-run world, the only thing an avid reader likes on the internet (besides books) is a funny book meme.

And—maybe—cat videos. Every bibliophile needs laughter in their life; otherwise, with all the time we spend reading and writing, we would end up sad and lonely.

There are hundreds of thousands of funny book memes; I’m hoarding hundreds of them and couldn’t share all of them. But 20 funny memes are better than none, right?

I hope you enjoy them and don’t laugh alone; share the blog link with your fellow bibliophiles.

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