Jack Carr Books In Order

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jack carr books in order

I have just watched The Terminal List and I must say, it was just as good as the books. It’s a personal opinion. You might disagree, but I’m a Hollywood junkie, so I’m into both movies and books.

But again, a reminder: here, we talk books. So, forget that exciting movie series, and let’s talk about all Jack Carr books in order.

Jack Carr—a former navy seal and best-selling thriller writer—is one of the best when it comes to military thrillers. To be honest, he is the best of his generation. The other generations had the David Morrells and the Tom Clancys, but now we have Jack Carr.

So, let’s review all of his five books—and I’m sorry, but there are a lot of spoilers.

Who is Jack Carr

Jack Carr was born on July 3, 1975, and he grew up in Northern California.

His two careers were influenced by his family. Carr wanted to be a writer and a Navy Seal from a very young age, partially inspired by his grandfather, who was shot down and killed in World War II. He joined the military and served 20 years, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan among many of his deployments.

His mom was a librarian, which meant that, from a young age, he read a lot of books. And he loved fiction and read a lot of thriller series, including those by Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy.

There is a special story behind Jack Carr’s newfound motivation. Jack’s sweet little son is one of only 13 people in the world who have been diagnosed with NR2F1, a rare genetic disorder that causes incurable developmental delays. This means that his son needs round-the-clock care for the rest of his life. 

So, Carr has devoted his career to setting up the best medical care that his son can get, even long after Jack and his wife are gone.

Best 3 Jack Carr Books

  1. The Terminal List
  2. Savage Son
  3. The Devil’s Hand
JRE’s podcast with Jack Carr.

Jack Carr Books in Order

  1. The Terminal List (2018)
  2. True Believer (2019)
  3. Savage Son (2020)
  4. The Devil’s Hand (2021)
  5. In the Blood (2022)

The Best 5 Jack Carr Books (All Books Ranked)

I usually have the best five books in this section, but, as of now, Jack Carr only has five books, so I’m just going to review and rank all of them.

1. Terminal List

Terminal List

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The story is about James Reece, a Navy SEAL who discovers that the ambush that led to his team’s deaths was premeditated by the American government.

The government is trying to cover up something so damaging to them that they go to the extent of murdering Lieutenant Commander James’ wife and daughter too.

Now, Reece has nothing to lose, and he decides to go after those that took his team and loved ones. He is no longer bound by military rules of engagement as he ruthlessly hunts his former employers and fellow countrymen turned enemies.

Jack Carr has admitted that there’s some likeness between him and Reece since they are both Navy Seals.

2. Savage Son

Savage Son

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In the first novel, James Reece was diagnosed with brain cancer, and in this one, he has had surgery and is now going through recovery in Montana.

However, there are forces already moving against him, forces that would love nothing more than to see him dead.

There seems to be an ungodly relationship between a traitor and the Russian mafia and plans that would ensure the death of the former Navy SEAL sniper.

In a period when Reece thought he would finally recover and put his life back together again, he realizes that he has to evoke his fighting spirit again and try to survive the Russian mafia who are intent on killing him.

One thing you have to like about Jack Carr’s thrillers—especially this one—is that the detailing is perfect and you know it’s close to the truth considering that Carr is a former navy officer with two decades of experience under his belt.

3. The Devil’s Hand

The Devil's Hand

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In The Devil’s Hand, the story focuses on the war on terror on American soil. So, it’s 2021 and twenty years have passed since 9/11. But although the enemy has been silent for that long, they haven’t been idle; they’ve been quietly learning, adapting, and preparing new attacks.

In the east, the supreme leader of a struggling giant, which is also an enemy of the U.S., has plans in motion to defeat the United States.

The enemy does not intend to attack the U.S. using hijacked airplanes; instead, they plan a secret bio-weapon, and it is up to James Reece to find the origin of this virus and prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

4. In The Blood

In The Blood

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James Reece is watching the news of a missile attack on a passenger plane when, on the names and pictures of the victims, an old acquaintance appears.

The plane has been blown out in Burkina Faso, where an assassination has just taken place. Both Reece and the military command at Langley are convinced that the plane attack was merely a coincidence. So, Reece packs his bags and flies to Africa to start his hunt for the killer.

You cannot question the authenticity of Jack Carr’s novels, and this book is no different. He packs so much action and adds elements of espionage to spice up the story. We’re benefiting from his time in the military because the action scenes are so original and intense.

5. True Believer

True Believer

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This is book 2 in the Terminal List series. When terrorist activity becomes rife in Europe, the United States government turns to James Reece.

The attacks have all been masterminded by a former Iraqi commando who previously worked with Reece in Iraq.

Reece had been laying low in the wilds of Mozambique, but when he is found, there’s a presidential pardon and the CIA brings him on board to help find the terrorists.

James becomes a U.S employee again and hunts the perpetrator around the world, unraveling conspiracies and discovering a traitor in the CIA in the process.

Jack Carr FAQs

Which Jack Carr book should I read first?

Jack Carr’s first book was The Terminal List, and the events in the other books follow that. So, start with The Terminal List, then True Believer, Savage Son, Devil’s Hand, and In the Blood.

Was Jack Carr a Navy SEAL?

Yes, he served in the military for 20 years and started in his last year of service.

Is James Reece in all of Jack Carr’s books?

Yes. James Reece is in all of the thrillers in the Terminal List series.

Will Jack Carr write a 6th book?

Yes. Jack Carr is currently writing The Terminal List Book 6 and it should be available for sale in spring 2023.

Final Words

When you read James Reece’s stories, they make you feel like, “Wow, that’s what a hero is supposed to be.”

Then you read Jack Carr’s life story and start thinking, “Well, there’s a hero in real life.” He is a vet who dedicated his best life to his country, a husband, and a father who’s fighting for his son’s wellbeing.

“They don’t make them like that no more.”

Jack Carr may have five published books, but they are so good that it feels like he’s written over 200.

So, it won’t take you long to finish all Jack Carr Books in order but the excitement won’t die down as soon as you put them down.  

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