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penelope douglas books in order

We all act like we are okay, but deep down, every writer wants to be a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

Not only that, every reader wants a book worth their time, not just a book that became a bestseller just because of aggressive marketing campaigns.

Like Penelope Douglas’ Books!

Penelope Douglas is a bestselling author who writes romance—whether it’s new adult, erotica, or contemporary.

She isn’t your typical romance writer, she says that not many topics are too taboo for her and doesn’t love staying in her comfort zone when writing.

If you like your romance written within some moral brackets, the last sentence is a red flag for you. But… if you are into some twisted romance with steamy scenes, Penelope Douglas is what you need.

Read on to find all her published books, their reading order, and our choices for her top 3 books.

Penelope Douglas: The Lady behind the Bestsellers

Penelope was born in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, and is the oldest of five children.

Penelope graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Northern Iowa because her father wanted to “just get the damn degree!” She didn’t like Public Administration, so she pursued a Master’s degree specializing in Education at Loyola University in New Orleans.

She was a teacher for eight years.

She says that Tijan Meyer’s Fallen Crest High was the book that inspired her to start writing—she wanted more books like it.

a screenshot from penelope douglas's website displaying a selection of her books.
A screenshot from Penelope Douglas’s website displaying a selection of her books.

Her books—including The Fall Away Series, The Devil’s Night Series, and the stand-alone novels: Misconduct, Punk 57, Birthday Girl, Credence, and Tryst Six Venom — have been translated into seventeen languages.

Although none of her books have been made into movies, the rights for The Fall Away series have been sold to a Hollywood producer.

Penelope Douglas is married and has a daughter named Aydan. When she is not writing, she likes touring old ships and road-tripping.

Penelope Douglas Books in Publishing Order

  1. Bully (2013)
  2. Until You (2013)
  3. Rival (2014)     
  4. Falling Away (2015)
  5. Aflame (2015)
  6. Corrupt (2015)
  7. Misconduct (2015)
  8. Adrenaline (2016)
  9. Punk 57 (2016)
  10. Next to Never (2017)
  11. The Next Flame (2017)
  12. Hideaway (2017)
  13. Birthday Girl (2018)
  14. Kill Switch (2019)
  15. Conclave (2019)
  16. Credence (2020)
  17. Nightfall (2020)
  18. Fire Night (2020)
  19. Tryst Six Venom (2021)
  20. Falls Boys (2022) 

Reading Order as Recommended by Penelope Douglas

The reading was made by Penelope Douglas in line with the storylines. She says that the first installment in any of her book series can be read as a standalone.

So, after reading the first book, you can decide not to read the other books.

However, if you decide to read any of the other books in any of the series, you have to follow the order given below.

The characters’ development begins before we ever get to their books, so will appear heavily in books other than their book.

The Devil’s Night Series

Each novel has different MCs and relationships, but characters still appear in all of the volumes.

  1. Corrupt (the only standalone in the series)
  2. Hideaway
  3. Kill Switch
  4. Conclave (novella, and yes, you need to read it to read Nightfall)
  5. Nightfall
  6. Fire Night (novella, won’t make sense unless you’ve read the entire series)

The Fall Away Series

Each novel is a new couple, but the characters all appear in each other’s books. Don’t skip stories.

  1. Bully (the only standalone in the series)
  2. Until You (Jared’s pov from Bully, but you should read it. There is a lot of added information)
  3. Rival
  4. Falling Away
  5. Aflame (novella, must read all prior books)
  6. Next to Never (novella, must read all prior books)
  7. The Next Flame – not a new story. It’s simply Next to Never and The Next Flame in one paperback. It’s the only way to have these two books in physical form.


Although some of the stories are set in the same world, there is no need to read any previous novels.

Misconduct: The story takes place in the Fall Away world, but you do not have to read it to understand Fall Away. However, Penelope Douglas has confirmed that a character from Misconduct will cross over.

Birthday Girl.

Punk 57: It takes place in Devil’s Night world. Characters in Punk 57 appear in three other books: Kill Switch, Conclave, and Nightfall. You can choose to read Devil’s Night or not but it won’t have much impact on your understanding of Punk 57.

Credence: This story also takes place in the Fall Away world—and it takes place after the series ends. This is before the Hellbent begins and a character from Credence appears in the Hellbent series. However, it can be read by itself.

Tryst Six Venom: The story can be read by itself.

Top 3 Penelope Douglas Books

Birthday Girl Paperback (2018)

Birthday Girl Paperback

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If you’ve read one of her books, you know that Penelope Douglas loves a modicum of taboo.

Yes, this one was also taboo and too spicy for some, but the story was raw and beautifully written.

Jordan and Cole are a young couple who have just moved into Pike’s house, a gentleman willing to bail them out of a ‘homeless situation’—and, in return, the couple has to help him with his house.

Pike, to move in with him and help him with his house. Things aren’t all rosy for the couple: Cole is never home, likes to party, and lacks maturity.

But those aren’t the only problems, Jordan and Pike can’t help but notice one another. Jordan is aware of how Pike feels about her: he respects and listens to her, lustfully looks at her, holds his breath when they bump into each other and wants to hold her.

The feelings are mutual, Jordan’s heart races when Pike arrives home.

The only thing standing in their way is the fact Jordan is nineteen, and Pike is thirty-eight.

Wait! Pike is Cole’s dad as well. What will happen when Jordan’s relationship with Cole crumbles?

Will Pike and Jordan risk it? Or will they let their feelings die?

Punk 57 (2016)

Punk 57

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Misha and Ryen became pen pals when they were 11yrs old when they were mistakenly paired up as pen pals by their fifth-grade teachers. The two friends kept corresponding through letters—and their friendship grew stronger.

When Misha suddenly stops replying, Ryen becomes worried, she needs someone to talk to, someone who would genuinely listen.

Then comes this new guy, Masen, who is trying his best to torment and embarrass Ryen. What Ryen doesn’t know is that Masen is actually Misha.

“We were perfect together. Until we met.” is the perfect description of their relationship. Misha realizes that Ryan wasn’t the girl she had presented herself to be in her letters. Ryen is not as humble as she made it seem—she is mean, cowardly, and a bully.

So, it’s easy to understand why Misha hates Ryen when he sees her in person. However, Misha is just as bad a fabricator as Ryen and as the story endures some twists and turns, secrets will be revealed.

Credence (2020)


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Tiernan de Haas grew up as the only child of famous parents in Hollywood and has lived a life. Her father—a film producer—and mother—an actress— have made sure Tiernan lacks no materialistic stuff but have failed to give love or attention that she needs.

That’s why she almost felt indifferent when they suddenly passed away. She knows that nothing has changed for her; she has always been alone.

When her parents were alive, they would always ship her off to boarding schools, but this time around, she has been shipped off to her step-uncle’s home in remote Chapel Peak.

Tiernan, who is still two months shy of turning eighteen, is now placed in the care of Jake Van der Berg, her father’s stepbrother and her sole living relative.

So, Tiernan is sent to live with him and his two sons, Noah and Kaleb. She quickly finds that Kaleb, Jake, and Noah are fiercely protective of her and they have a say in what matters in her life.

Although this seems a bit scary for Tiernan, she finally has the affection and attention she craved for.

She gradually starts to get a sense of belonging as the Van Der Bergs help, teach, and take care of her.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Penelope’s book if it didn’t have a bit of twisted dark element, so expect dark romance with blurred boundaries and relationships on the edge of taboo.


Penelope Douglas’ books aren’t for everyone, you either love her stories or you don’t!

She isn’t afraid to jump over your taboo boundaries, get out of her comfort zone, and take you along with her.

So, just the other series, The Hellbent Series (March 2022), also promises to come complete with forbidden romance.

If you are artistic, you know critics are always going to lurk around your works, like vultures. Penelope Douglas isn’t immune from this, but many can agree that she is brilliant when she writes new adult or erotica.

Check out her books here, and… happy reading!

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