Quetext Review 2024: Is It A Reliable Plagiarism Checker

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quetext, is it a reliable plagiarism checker

As per their claims, Quetext is the #1 plagiarism checker. This plagiarism checker & citation assistant is claimed to have helped more than 5 million students, teachers, and other professionals.

Undoubtedly, Quetext is one of the best plagiarism checkers in 2021; with features like DeepSearch™ technology, Citation assistant, and ColorGrade™ Feedback, Quetext just has to be there among the best.

But just how good and reliable is it? Read on to get answers to these questions.

I’ll be serving you a detailed Quetext review right here in this post.

I have packed the post with pros and cons, pricing, features, and other essential things you need to know about Quetext.

Let’s get started.

Quetext Overview: What Is It, And Who Is It For

Quetext is a plagiarism checker and citation assistant. It’s geared towards promoting ethical writing practices by enforcing originality and correct citation.

The software plagiarism checking tool was designed to help writers, bloggers, teachers, students, and professionals deliver authentic content through the use of intuitive technology.

Quetext employs excellent machine learning, grammatical analyses, and innovative algorithms to grope billions of sources, searching for texts that match your document or parts of it verbatim.

quetext plagiarism checker

Pros and Cons of Quetext

Expectedly, there are things I liked about Quetext and others which left me unimpressed. Let’s look at some pros and cons of Quetext.

Quetext Pros

  1. It has a free pricing plan.
  2. Enables a quick Sign up with a Google account.
  3. Uses DeepSearch™ technology which is rigorous and conducts an expansive search.
  4. Users can upload multiple files for plagiarism checking.
  5. Enables users to Exclude a URL address when checking for plagiarism—the specified URL is skipped by the tool during checking.
  6. Allows a maximum of 25000 words per check.

Quetext Cons

  1. Doesn’t offer an annual plan; only a monthly plan is available.
  2. Has a limited free version—
    • Only 2,500 (5 pages) allowed.
    • Offers only 3 free searches.
    • No Upload Files and Exclude URL features.
    • Doesn’t allow exporting reports.
  3. No Apps. You can only access Quetext using a web browser. I find this a very inconvenient thing. A desktop app (for PC and Mac) would have been handy or MS Office integrations at least.

How Much Does Quetext Cost?

Quetext doesn’t have complicated pricing plans; they just have two, a free package and a PRO monthly plan.

Pricing Plans

quetext pricing


So, you pay nothing and get to check 2,500 words (5 pages). With the free plan, you can use ColorGrade™ Feedback, Contextual Analysis, Fuzzy matching, and Conditional scoring.

PRO Plan

The PRO plan costs $9.99/month and you get to check about 100,000 words (200 pages). You also get access to DeepSearch™ Extended, Citation Assistant – MLA, APA, Chicago, Downloadable Originality Report, Custom URL exclusion, Interactive Snippet Text, and Premium support.

Getting Started: Signing Up & Usability/Deployment

So, this is a web app; you don’t have to download anything, just go to their website http://www.quetext.com and you can access all their services there.

If you just want to try it out, there is a free “tour” right on their homepage; you just paste your text and click on “check plagiarism.”

quetext homepage

Voila! You get your results. The results come with a percentage score and red underlining for the words that matched external sources (plagiarized content)—when you hover on the underlined words, Quetext tells you the sources of the text.

This is all part of your “tour.” But…

To log in, you need to sign up. You can do this by hitting the “sign up” button and proceeding to create an account.

  1. Getting a free account is as easy as entering your email address, choosing your password, and advancing to using the tool’s intuitive user interface.

2. If you want to access more features and check larger texts, you have to purchase the PRO version.

Quetext Review: Features

1. DeepSearch™ Technology

quetext deepsearch

Quetext uses plagiarism detection technology known as DeepSearch to scan for plagiarism, and it’s only available in the PRO plan.

DeepSearch explores 35 billion websites, 20 million books, and 1 million journals, looking for texts which match the writing under analysis.

It does more than simple word matching; it looks at the surrounding context while calculating each word’s statistical likelihood and phrase.

2. ColorGrade™ Feedback

quetext colorgrade

ColorGrade™ helps you to seamlessly engage with your results and appropriately improve the uniqueness of your text.

When you use it together with Quetext’s citation features and the interactive Snippet Text viewer, ColorGrade™ enables you to spot and deal with plagiarised content swiftly and intuitively.

3. Domain Exclusion

Quetext allows you to exclude a URL or a domain from search targets. When you exclude a URL or a domain, Quetext skips them when checking your text for plagiarism. 

4. Originality Report

 Once Quetext finishes the plagiarism checking process, it provides reports that include scores for originality. Sentences that match with other “foreign” texts are also highlighted.

6. Citation Assistant

Quetext comes with a citation assistant, which is designed to help you cite your sources. This feature helps format your document using MLA, Chicago, and APA style formats.

With this tool, citing your sources is an automatic process; all you do is enter details of your source, i.e., publisher, author, city, etc., and Quetext automatically makes the citations according to the rules of the formatting style you’ve chosen.

5. Interactive Snippet Text

Quetext also has an intuitive snippet text viewer. This interactive feature enables you to find and deal with plagiarized content in a fleet and smooth manner.

How accurate is Quetext

Quetext is pretty accurate. When I tried the tool for the first time, I used plagiarized content from two separate blogs.

It gave me percentages of the content from each blog and I was very impressed. Quetext’s claim that their comprehensive plagiarism score is backed by billions of internet sources is, I think, believable.

The results were as I expected, and the percentage was on point, to say the least.

Does Quetext Save your Work?

No. Quetext always lets you maintain rights to your work; it does not claim ownership of your work, and it doesn’t save your documents to their database.

Also, Quetext encrypts your submitted text and does not allow any third-party entity to access its private servers. Visit Quetext’s Our Commitment Page or our Terms of Service to find out more.

How Safe is Quetext?

quetext technology

One common worry of most users of web-based tools is data safety. Cyberspace is complete with unscrupulous entities trying to steal and profit from user data from their sites.

And everyone wants their privacy to remain intact whilst using online tools.

In this regard, Quetext doesn’t sell or share your work with third-party apps or entities.

Quetext does not collect or store your text in their database as their own. They only collect data like your name, email address, phone number, and information relating to your user profile. This information is collected to personalize your experience and improve their service delivery.

Quetext also scans its website, regularly checking for security loopholes and vulnerabilities to ensure that your work on their site is as safe as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quetext

Which browsers and devices are supported by Quetext?

Quetext supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You are allowed to cancel your PRO subscription at any time; just go to the account subscription page.  Once you have confirmed the subscription cancellation, you are going to be able to use PRO features until the period you paid for expires.

What is the maximum number of pages per upload?

When you subscribe to the PRO plan, you can upload documents that have a maximum word count of 25,000 words. That’s about 50 pages per document upload.

With the Pro plan, you can also upload a couple of documents at once.

What if I need a higher search limit?

Every user is given a monthly search quota. If you exceed the allocated quota, you have the option of purchasing additional search credits.

What are Search Edits and how can I purchase them?

Search Credits are units of additional pages of search. One search credit equals 150 additional 500-words pages of search.

You can purchase search Credits within your account in the Subscription section. You need to have an active subscription to purchase search credits.

How can I update my email address?

Changing your email address is done inside your Quetext account. Log into your account, click on the Account tab, and choose the ‘edit’ option on the current email address.

Enter the new email and save. Once you confirm your new email address, you’re good to go!

My Verdict on Quetext

Before I conclude, I’d like to recommend Quetext as an alternative to Grammarly. You might have Grammarly or some other grammar checker that has a plagiarism-checking feature, but they can’t go as deep as Quetext.

On whether it’s reliable or not? 100% is my honest answer.

It’s accurate, maintains your privacy, and is very safe.

Of course, if you use Grammarly and co and you’re satisfied with what they give you, it’s okay. But if you’re looking for an out-and-out plagiarism checker, then Quetext is your type of tool.

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