Best Sherlock Holmes Gifts and Memorabilia for the Super Fans

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best sherlock holmes gifts

Looking for the Sherlock Holmes gift for that avid fan in your life? If they love Sherlock, then they are into a bit of mystery and love special items that evoke Sherlockian memories.

If you know Sherlock fans, then you understand that it’s hard to get a good gift for them—it’s like working a 20-year old cold case.

This search will leave you behaving like a detective and going on a mystery hunt, looking for that perfect Holmesian gift.

Not to worry though, because—on your behalf—I’ve scoured cyberspace to find a list of the best Sherlock Holmes murder mystery gifts for that mystery-loving person in your circle.

I have left no webpage unturned, I have found hats, puzzle books, mugs, board games, and other wonderful Sherlock Holmes gifts.

Check out the amazing items I found for you.

Who is Sherlock Holmes and Why Do They Love Him?

The Man

Sherlock Holmes is a character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an author who’s not as popular as the fictional detective he created back in 1887.

Sherlock Holmes is now over 132 years old but still as popular as ever. The world was introduced to the character of Sherlock Holmes in “A Study in Scarlet,” a story originally published in Beeton’s Christmas Annual in 1887.

statue of sherlock holmes in london, england
Statue of Sherlock Holmes in London, England

Sherlock Holmes is based on a real person, Dr. Joseph Bell, who was a forensic scientist at Edinburgh University. Sir Arthur Doyle also worked as a clerk for Dr. Joseph Bell at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and that’s how Doyle noticed how the Doctor liked paying attention to small details and his powers of deductions.

Why Can’t They Get Enough of Him?

Why do Holmesians love Sherlock?

Well… he’s a genius!

But Sherlock Holmes is well-versed in a lot of subjects, including mathematics, chemistry, law, anatomy, and many others.

He also plays the violin, has his iconic pipe and his hat to complement his classic costume. You just can’t hate him.

an elderly gentleman dressed in the hat and pipe of sherlock holmes
An elderly gentleman dressed in the hat and pipe of Sherlock Holmes.

Did I mention his addiction? Oh yes! Sherlock has a cocaine addiction.

The traits don’t end there, Sherlock Holmes is a physically imposing character and is a great pugilist.

So you see, Sherlock Holmes is this guy with a sharp wit and many physical strengths and an ounce of imperfection.

And it is this imperfection that intrigues his fans, after all, humans aren’t perfect.

But what his fans love the most is the way he solves mysteries. His deductions, solving murders by use of cryptography, wordplay, and other puzzles make Sudoku look like child’s play.

Best Sherlock Holmes Ideas

1. The Thames Murders & Other Cases Board Game

The Thames Murders & Other Cases Board Game

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Super sleuths, gather around!

We have a board game, and it’s not just any board, it’s the Thames Murders & Other Cases Board Game!

A collection of 130+ exciting puzzles and enigmas, with a lot of word games, riddles, countless mysteries, and word games.

2. 221B Baker Street Key Necklace

221B Baker Street Key Necklace

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This is the key Sherlock Holmes fans can use to enter 221B Baker Street Key.

This key to 221B Baker Street is 1.75″ long and comes with an 18″ chain, so the Sherlockians can wear their love of Sherlock everywhere they go.

3. 221B Baker Street Book Candle

3. 221B Baker Street Book Candle

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This excellent Sherlock Holmes gift is a blend of aged newspapers, green tea, tobacco, and redwood.

This candle burns for slightly more than 60 hours and has scents like aged paper, rainwater, tobacco, and green tea.

4. Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Granada Television Series Box Set

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Granada Television Series Box Set

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Since 1887, stories with Sherlock Holmes have been selling like hotcakes! His books and cinema adaptations have and continue to enjoy success—and even when ‘Iron Man’ plays Sherlock Holmes, the movie has fans drooling.

However, one of the best cinematic representations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s and an excellent treat for Holmes fans is the classic Granada Television series starring the legendary Jeremy Brett. This box set comes with 12 discs and contains every episode, an interview with Adrian Conan Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s son), and three commentary tracks.

5. Sherlock: Seasons 1-4 & ‘Abominable Bride’ Gift Set

Sherlock: Seasons 1-4 & 'Abominable Bride' Gift Set

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Sherlock Holmes fans love the detective regardless of the era in which he showcases his detective skills.

This re-imagination of Conan Doyle’s characters, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson live in early 21st century London.

All four seasons of this thrilling, funny, fast-paced TV series in one package will surely excite any Sherlock superfan.

6. Sign of the Four Sherlock Holmes Mini Book

Sign of the Four Sherlock Holmes Mini Book

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Sign of the Four Sherlock Holmes Mini Book is the second of the four novels featuring the fictional detective that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote.

Unlike other mini books made from paper, these book beads are sculpted from polymer clay, which makes them as timeless as Sherlock Holmes himself.

7. Brain Games – Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

Brain Games - Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

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Here is another set of mysteries for your sleuth friend to unriddle. This collection of detective games and puzzles will put your ability to see and process information to the test, and lean towards visual hints, cryptograms, logic puzzles, etc.

8. Funko Pop Sherlock

Funko Pop Sherlock

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For a collector who is also a Sherlock Holmes fan, this is more than a Pop figure, it’s a treasure!

Funky brings BBCs modern reimagined Sherlock Holmes into a Pop figure. This is a figure of Sherlock Holmes wearing his stylish suit and holding a skull, and it’s made of high-quality material.

If you can find a Moriarty and a Watson, add them to this Sherlock, you’d make any Sherlockian fall in love with you.

9. Classic Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hat

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Cosplay is an important thing for genuine members of the Sherlockian fandom club. Is there a better way of showing off your Sherlock Holmes love?

Complete your Sherlock Holmes costume with this iconic and stylish deerstalker hat.

10. Sherlock Holmes Themed Cotton Socks

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With this pair of socks, any Sherlock fan wouldn’t want to keep their shoes on. These Sherlock-themed cotton socks feature the silhouette of the classic detective and are Unisex, which means any Sherlock fan can have them regardless of gender.

They also come in different sizes; size small socks are for women with shoe sizes 5.5-9 and men with shoe size 4.5-7.5. Size large socks are for women with shoe sizes 10-12.5 and men with shoe sizes 8-12.

11. Sherlock Holmes Wooden Bookmark

Sherlock Holmes Wooden Bookmark

Nothing better than reading a Sherlock Holmes story with a Sherlock-themed wooden bookmark.

These 1.75″ x 7″ bookmarks are more than appropriate markers for marking your place when reading a Sherlock story.

Expectedly, these bookmarkers feature the classic silhouette of Sherlock and a couple of Sherlock-themed items like a violin, magnifying glass, some chess pieces, etc.

The book markers come in seven different colors, namely ebony, forest green, beige, royal plum, crimson, cognac, and sunbleached.

12. Sherlock Holmes Coffee Mug

Sherlock Holmes Coffee Mug

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This Sherlock Holmes mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild was designed to give a Holmesian a nostalgic vibe. It comes with a pretty Sidney Paget illustration of Sherlock Holmes, Holmes quotes, rules of deduction, and images representative of the Victorian era,  which happens to be the era of the world’s only consulting detective!

It really looks authentic.

13. Sherlock Holmes Book Themed Purse

Sherlock Holmes Book Themed Purse

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This is a perfect gift for a Sherlock Holmes fan who also happens to be a nerd….

That doesn’t really make sense… Most Sherlockians are nerds though. 

But, anyway, this is the best gift for a Holmesian who is in love with notepads and hardcover books.

It has classic looks and the vegan faux leather with a rich burgundy adds to the authentic hardcover looks.

On the front of this Zip Around Wallet is that iconic silhouette of Sherlock Holmes donning his deerstalker cap.

8. Places Sherlock Holmes Fans Would Love to Visit

Instead of buying them a mug or a book, why not give them an all-paid-for trip to a place that brings Sherlock to life?

Here are some of the places Sherlock fans would love to visit.

1. 221b Baker Street (The Sherlock Holmes Museum)

221b baker street (the sherlock holmes museum)
The Sherlock Holmes Museum.

221b Baker Street has been turned into the Sherlock Holmes Museum and is a perfect place for a Sherlock Holmes fan to step into the world of the celebrated super-sleuth.

2. Picardy Place, Edinburgh

This is the childhood home of Conan Doyle and it has a bronze statue of Sherlock erected there in honor of the great detective and his creator.

3. Surgeons Hall Museum, Edinburgh

This is said to be the place where Conan Doyle met Dr. Joseph Bell, the inspiration behind Sherlock Holmes.

4. Elm Grove, Portsmouth

The first two of the four Holmes novels were written in a house on Elm Grove in Portsmouth, and there is a wonderful museum around there that houses Sherlock Holmes pieces that you’re not going to see anywhere in the world.

5. The Sherlock Holmes Pub

the sherlock holmes pub
The Sherlock Holmes Pub.

This traditional pub, which served as the setting for a scene within The Noble Bachelors, is now known as “The Sherlock Holmes.” It houses a replica of Holmes’ study and other collectibles and memorabilia that will surely whet any Sherlock fan’s appetite.

6. Eastbourne, Sussex

Sherlock Holmes will keep coming out of retirement, century after century. But the fictional detective initially retired to a farm in Eastbourne to focus on beekeeping.

7. Dartmoor National Park

Arthur Conan Doyle often visited this place, and it is said to be the inspiration for some of his work.

ancient stone circle at dartmoor national park
Ancient Stone Circle at Dartmoor National Park.

8. Café Royal

Enter the world of the great detective by visiting the place where Sherlock was attacked in the book The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.


It is very hard to satisfy a hardcore Sherlock Holmes fan, they are not simpletons, and they yearn for sophistication, always.

The trick lies in understanding the super sleuth himself and why he is likable. Decoding Sherlock, as well as his fans, will probably result in some wonderful gifts for them.

You can also help them travel to places that bring Sherlock Holmes to life.

Whatever gift you get them, I’m sure they’re going to appreciate it—and if it’s on the list I compiled for you, thank me later.

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