Warrior Cats Books In Order: From Into the Wild to Veil of Shadows

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all warrior cats books in order

From tweens who love Narnia and The Lion King to parents who want their children to get interested in reading, people from different backgrounds and of different ages flock to Warriors, a fantasy novel series about Warrior Cats.

In this post, I have listed all the Warrior Cats books in order of publication. This will help you get into the series without reading out of order or being confused by references to past events. You will also learn more about the author, Erin Hunter, who doesn’t even exist!

Our best Warrior Cats Books t a glance:

Erin Hunter: The Imagined Author That Imagined The Warrior Cats

Erin Hunter seems like an apt name for a book where cats have to hunt and scavenge for resources and power.

The name of the author fits so perfectly with the series’ theme because the name is made up. What kind of author would make up a pseudonym that would be tied to only one type of book, though? The kind of author invented to write only one series.

Yes, Erin Hunter is a pen name created by HarperCollins for Warriors and other similar books. The name represents the work of Victoria Holmes, Clarissa Hutton, Kate Cary, Inbali Iserles, Cherith Baldry, Tui T. Sutherland, and Rosie Best.

These authors wrote Warriors books that were edited to maintain tone consistency. The credit for each Warrior Cats book written by one or more of these authors goes to Erin Hunter, a person who does not exist.

Warrior Cats Books In Order:

The Original Warriors Books In Order of Publication

The New Prophecy Books In Order of Publication

Power of Three Books In Order of Publication

warrior cats books in order
Warrior Cats Books

Omen of the Stars Books In Order of Publication

Dawn of the Clans Books In Order of Publication

A Vision of Shadows In Order of Publication

The Broken Code In Order of Publication

A Starless Clan In Order of Publication

Best Warrior Cats Books

Into the Wild

Into the Wild

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It is impossible to read the Warriors/Warrior Cats books without knowing the proper origin story. Fortunately for the readers, the Warriors series starts with the origin story of Firestar. Starting as Rusty, the domestic housecat, the protagonist ventures into the forest, where he joins a clan of feral cats.

After joining the Thunder Clan, he adopts the name “FirePaw” and seems to be doing well as a trainee hunter. The plot thickens when he is framed for the murder of a fellow clanmate.

This book is ideal for fantasy readers as well as readers of adventure fiction. The world-building and stakes set up in the Warriors series are compared to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World and Tolkien’s Legendarium.

Whether one agrees with such comparisons or not, it is pretty evident that the Warrior Cats books are meant to be read chronologically, and this is the best book to get things going.

Forest of Secrets

Forest of Secrets

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Considered part of the same saga as the previous entry, Forest of Secrets is the third book in the Warriors series. This entry follows the Firestar as he aims to expose the clan deputy, whom he suspects to be up to no good.

It brilliantly positions the reader in Firestar’s shoes, making one empathize with a cat. But this book isn’t among the top Warrior Cats books because of how immersive it is. It is acclaimed for its pivotal documentation of Firestar’s rise. It is a Shakespearean tale of righteous ascension, albeit with a much more positive conclusion.



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While no longer focused on Firestar and his saga, Midnight kickstarts a new adventure within the world of warrior cats. It is considered one of the best Warriors books because it brings the debut energy back to the series and is reminiscent of “Into The Wild.”

At the same time, the world of feral cats looks much bigger as a new generation of warriors takes center stage. In this installment, it is Firestar and Tigerstar’s kids who are destined to clash. The story has elements of fate and a hero’s journey that make it a great read for anyone initiated in Warrior Cats lore.



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The final installment of its saga sees the son of Tigerheart as an unlikely hero, with doubts about his heroism that keep the reader turning pages. Brambleclaw, being the son of the previous arc’s villain, seems suspicious, especially when he has dreams, after which he considers usurping the ThunderClan throne.

This book is great because it wraps up the saga with a nice bow in the form of a prophecy fulfilled. Even if you skip a few books in this saga, you can still understand where the ship lands and can venture into the next set with a fair idea. Still, it is best to read the books in the order listed earlier in this post.

Long Shadows

Long Shadows

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This is one of the best Warriors titles in terms of grabbing adult interest. Despite being a children’s novel, this reads like a mature mythological masterpiece.

While the premise is childish on the surface, the tribal politics and life-and-death stakes of feral cats’ drama draw the reader into Erin Hunter’s world.

The conspiracy and machinations of the characters in Long Shadows include murder, false paternity, and the shadow of a prophecy where three kin would hold the power of the stars. It is a great read for anyone who has read the rest of the books in the third Warriors series.

The Fourth Apprentice

The Fourth Apprentice

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This book kicks off the Omen of The Stars series and formally introduces superpowers to the Warriors universe. As previously hinted, powers had very limited space on the Warrior Cats stage. However, in this saga, powers play a larger role in the plot.

In this book, the cat clans are all facing a common enemy but lack the unity required to overcome it. The cats have to balance cooperation and competition as the drought in the forest worsens. It is a good read as it turns down the cat-vs-cat dial for a while and explores other themes.

Of course, the favorite cat villain elements are present in the book, so Warriors fans won’t be disappointed. But those who might be afraid of repetitive narratives in the overall meta-series would be pleasantly surprised by the fresher storytelling in The Fourth Apprentice.

The Last Hope


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This entry wraps up the Omen of the Stars saga and has a cathartic payoff for the people who have followed the series since the first installment of the original Warrior Cats. The Last Hope has revered and beloved characters on both sides of good and evil go into a final battle one last time.

The Last Hope would be the best Warriors book if it weren’t for chronology. It has excellent references, plot movement, and a conclusion, but it all feels hollow unless you have read the rest of the books up to this point.

Path of Stars

Path of Stars

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Path of Stars tells a story that takes place in the new status quo of a new world built after the events of the last saga. Cooperation is now more important, and the new generation that has ascended to leadership in all groups has to band together to fight Slash, a common enemy. Any infighting among the organized clans would give way to Slash, who is a chaotic force that commands an army of rogues.

A Light in the Mist

A Light in the Mist

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This installment is seen as the meta-conclusion to the Warrior Cats franchise, even though a few books are planned alongside a new saga for the future. A Light In The Mist has characters banding together to fight a darker, more ominous force.

The narrative shift is quite clear, and magical elements alongside high fantasy themes peak in this book. It impresses with its ability to tell a story with great morals but is at the bottom of the list because of the burden of reading.

A Light In The Mist makes no sense as a standalone read, and its chronological placement becomes its greatest liability. You need to read at least five books within the same saga to make sense of it. But if you have read those, then you will find this specific entry to be among the best in the recent sagas of the Warriors.

Warrior Cats FAQs

How Many Warrior Cats Books Are There?

There are 14 Warrior Cats books altogether. They are split into multiple sagas, with each saga containing three or more books.

Are Warrior Cats Books For 12-Year-Olds?

Warrior Cats is for ages 10 and up but has themes of violence. Murders are investigated, and some cats turn up dead.

Is There A TV Show For Warrior Cats?

Warrior Cats has an animated TV show and a few animated movies, each adapting the events of the book series pretty faithfully.

Is There Profanity In Warrior Cats?

There is no profanity or sex in Warrior Cats. Romance is limited to a crush. However, there is violence in the book.

Wrapping It Up

The Warrior Cats books are a multi-saga story that appeals to the imagination of little kids and young teens.

It is a long story that is written by multiple authors and has enough spin-off content for people who get into the world-building and fantastical aspects of it. Get the books in the order listed in this post to get your child to take an interest in reading.

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