How to Write a Kissing Scene

writing a kissing scene

You’ve gotten to that heart-melting part, the deliquium-inducing moment, the juiciest scene of the story: the kissing scene. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for and I’m sure your readers will be as anxious. If you ruin this kiss, you’ll ruin the reader’s mood and the story. So you have to make sure that the … Read more

Flash Fiction Writing Guide with 15 Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

flash fiction writing guide

Flash fiction always presents an exciting challenge: write an incredible story in a bite-sized word count. Challenge accepted! Anytime. Any day. For us writers, flash fiction presents an opportunity to play and practice with word choice, try some creative ideas, and keep a check on our writing abilities. For the readers, flash fiction might be … Read more

What Are The 5 Types Of Editing?

5 types of editing

Sometimes you finish writing your short story or novel and you start celebrating, only to realize that the job is just half-done. I think congratulations are in order because… well… you have finished writing your draft. But there’s more work waiting for you, another stage—the editing stage. Any piece of work—before editing and proofreading—needs some … Read more

How to Describe Body Language in Writing

describing body language in writing

The body can speak without uttering a word. In some real-life situations, body language is used to save lives or sign death penalties—i.e., a kidnapping victim can use facial expressions or hand gestures to signal to police or civilians that they’re in trouble. In fiction writing, which is what we’ll be talking about in this … Read more

What Are Correlative Conjunctions?

correlative conjunctions

The conjunction family is an extended one—with subsets containing coordinating, subordinating, and the ones under the scope in this post: correlative conjunctions. Conjunctions are words or phrases that link sections of a sentence, but understanding their roles can be a bit complicated since there are many of them. The fact that there are different types … Read more

How to Write a Good Fight Scene

how to write a good fight scene (1)

Writing a fight scene is always a tough first-time experience for most fiction writers. Even for the most seasoned authors, writing a great fight scene is usually a challenge, because unlike in a movie or stage play, there’s no music or visuals to help you add things like tensions and transitions to your scenes. And… … Read more

What Is a List Poem?

list poem

Home alone? Nothing to do? Tried poeticizing the list of things that your pet does? No? You’re missing out, my friend. You can keep your writer-self busy, writing list poems. Yes, you can make a poem using a written inventory of items or a list of animals, places, and ideas. Writing poetry has never been … Read more

How to Become a Successful Author in 2021

becoming a successful author

Publishing your own book has never been easier than now, but for aspiring authors, that’s not the issue. Nowadays, you can publish a Novel, publish an anthology, or a collection of your favorite recipes free of charge. And… you can do all of this from the comfort of your bedroom, without submitting a single manuscript … Read more

How to Write a Poetry Submission Cover Letter

how to write a perfect cover letter for a poetry submission

The best publishing option for a collection of poems is to submit it to literary magazines or poetry publishing houses. But getting your poetry collection accepted by a reputable poetry publication isn’t a slide; you have to write awesome poetry and have to abide by the submission guidelines. Major poetry publications have specific submission processes … Read more