Poems About Depression: 15 Pieces To Get You Through

poems about depression

Can Poetry Help With Depression? Yes, poetry can help with depression for both writers and readers. When we write poems, we share our feelings, experiences, and internal battles.  By writing poems, one can express, and thereby release the sorrow and pain inside of them. Writing poetry that talks about depression isn’t only important for the … Read more

Author Vs Writer – Are They The Same Or Is There A Difference?

author vs writer

The dictionary definition of an author is “someone who writes (books, stories, articles or the like) professionally.” But is that all there is to the title? What is the difference between an author and a writer? Can you author a book without writing it? Although the terms “author” and “writer” are often used interchangeably, they … Read more

12 Poems about Beauty That’ll Move You!

poems about beauty

Every piece of writing or speech that praises or showers flattery on some entity is poetry. And… No one can beat poets when it comes to sprinkling praiseful remarks on beauty. A language is to a poet what dough and batter are to a chef. Poets know how to finesse words into an emotion-filled passage … Read more

Can You Start a Sentence With Because?

can you start a sentence with because

Just because conjunctions are used to link or coordinate clauses and sentences doesn’t mean that they can’t start a sentence. A lot of people, including a couple of writers that I know, don’t know they can. I hear people ask whether it is okay to have “conjunctions” at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph. … Read more

How to Add More Detail to Writing

how to add more detail to writing

Adding more detail to your writing might seem like an insignificant task, but it can greatly improve the quality of your content when done right. It might be as small as two extra words or a small sentence added to a paragraph; whatever it may be, it will have an impact on the depth and … Read more

Best Music for Writing – Be More Focused And Productive!

best music for writing

The discourse on the impact of music on the quality of writing and productivity of a writer has yet to bear a conclusive end. Regardless of what you think about that, the truth is, music plays a part when writing; it might be before the writing starts, during the writing session, in between the session, … Read more

How Many Letters are in the Alphabet?

letters in the alphabet

You ask a kid about how many in the English alphabet, and they will tell you that it consists of 26 letters in a snap. But there is more to the English alphabet than we know. It has been adapted in many places and has taken a form of its own. For example, the Hawaiian … Read more

What English Word Has Three Consecutive Double Letters?

what english word has three consecutive double letters

Got time for a riddle? Here’s one: “What English word has three consecutive double letters?” It’s tricky! So tricky that you would need the old English alphabet to find some of the answers. There aren’t many natural English words with three consecutive double letters. Most words with this combination are just two words connected by … Read more

What Should Be Capitalized In A Sentence?

what should be capitalized in a sentence

One of the most neglected aspects of writing is the capitalization of letters and its rules are ignored by a lot of people, especially on social media. While you may easily go away with capitalization atrocities on Twitter and Facebook, breaking the laws that govern capitalization in professional or academic writing is frowned upon. Some … Read more