List of Interesting Places to Write That Evoke Inspiration

interesting places to write that evoke inspiration

Do you prefer writing in your pajamas for days in a row, with your unkempt hair and a mouth that gets the caress of a toothbrush at irregular intervals? Or you want to get out and write as you experience a cool refreshing breeze in the park? When you’re a writer, especially a freelance writer, … Read more

Do Writers Type or Write by Hand? Creative Benefits of Each

typing vs handwriting

In my writer circles, the question “Do writers type or write by hand” gets asked a lot. There are little bells attached to both methods, you have to choose which method makes the less annoying noise for you. Research seems to indicate that writing using longhand allows you to retain more of the written material … Read more

What Is a Novella and What Makes Them Different?

what is a novella

What is a novella? I don’t think anyone can give a clear-cut answer to that, but to economically and objectively put it, it’s the type of prose that lies between a full-sized novel and a novelette. It’s more complex than a novelette but lacking the depth of a novel. And in the words of the … Read more

How Long Is a Short Story? What’s the Perfect Length?

how long is a short story what's the perfect length

Obviously, a short story is the shortest form of prose. But how long or short is a short story? This isn’t an easy question—of course we know that a short story is typically a ‘short’ piece, but so is a novelette. What’s the unique and appropriate scope (word count and brevity) for a short story. … Read more

How to Write Faster: 23 Tips to Speed Up Your Writing Output

how to write faster and better

As a writer, you already know the essence of learning how to write faster and putting out more writing work. You hear other writers talk about “I average 7k words per day” or “my weekly output is roughly 20k.” But your fiction has been lingering around chapter one for months… What are you doing wrong?  … Read more