Write! App Review 2024: The Best Distraction-Free Writing App?

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write! app the best distraction free writing app

As the word-processor market gets flooded with impractical, feature-starved, and ill-thought-out apps, one has to be careful enough not to purchase an app that leaves them in a bigger muddle than there were in before using it.

A word processing app doesn’t need to have any bells and whistles, and it has to help the writer deal with distractions. 

Is it me or does the last sentence sound like it’s talking about Write! App

But of course! We’re talking about that excellent word processing app, a tool that is both stylish and functional.

There’s no doubt about  Write!’s looks and functionality, but it’s the distraction-free writing that sets it apart from other writing apps.

And oh! You can’t fail to notice the ease of use. That is an added bonus to the practical features that Write! comes packed with.

But, what is Write! App? I have answered that question, described its key features, and explained how you can start writing—distraction-free—using the software. I have packed all that info on this post.

Let’s get started.

Write! App Overview

Write! App is a simple, minimalistic, user-friendly writing app tailor-made for distraction-free writing.

Although it excels at removing distractions, it also comes with a lot of other useful features for formatting your document, spell checking, Autocomplete, publishing, syncing, and other important tasks.

And… it isn’t expensive either.

But is this really the best distraction-free writing software? Read on to get the answers to that and other questions. 

write! app

Pros and Cons of Write! App

Write! App Pros

1. Distraction-free writing

Write! App is the best distraction-free writing app, as per their claims.

To achieve complete distraction-free writing, Write has two features:

The first is Focus Mode. This feature helps to focus on the sentence or paragraph that you’re writing or editing. It fades out any other word in the document but that particular paragraph or sentence.

The second feature is the Full-Screen Mode. What the full-screen mode does is hide all the tool’s features and leave the typing page.

No more menus and tabs, just a blank page or a page full of your text.

2. Cloud sync

Write! automatically backs up your files as you write on your computer. Without the help of any third-party apps, you have your files saved to cloud storage and on your computer, making them accessible on most internet-enabled devices.

3. Multilingual spell checker (35 languages)

This is one of Write!’s killer features; the app checks your writing for errors, using about 33 languages at the same time.

Once the spellcheck flags a word, you can check whether it’s a real word in Spanish, German, Slovak, or the other supported languages.

The result can be a beautiful mixed passage with different languages and no ugly squiggly red lines.

4. A Configurable and convenient Auto-complete

I don’t know about you, but I always get phones with savage autocorrects on my phone. I always have a horrid time trying to correct the corrections made by a somewhat drunk autocorrect.

Using the Auto-complete Write! is a totally different and cool experience. It is configurable in terms of minimum word length and the maximum number of suggestions.

5. Flexible and easy to use

This app is so easy to use even when you have multiple projects to work on at the same time. The front-end designers equipped the app with a simple tab system that is intuitive and useful when switching between files.

You can also sort your files into groups, called “sessions.” Once you organize everything (which is a simple thing to do), you can move from one file or “session” to another.

write! app pros

Write! App Cons

1. Write! doesn’t have a mobile app.

Write! App is only available as a desktop app (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

It doesn’t have a mobile app and no online, web-based editor.

2. No free trial

This is what I don’t like about Write!

It neither has a free version nor a free trial.

That sucks! We’re here happily sampling a bunch of ripping writing apps and Write! doesn’t want to offer a trial or free version?

The audacity.

Oh well, it’s not like it’s an expensive tool and the 7-day money-back guarantee suffices, I guess.

3. Limited export options

Write! offers a couple of file export options, including PDF, Markdown, and txt.


The app does not offer export options for many popular file formats, including RTF, Word, or WordPress.

Write! App Overview: What Is It?

Write! App is a simple, user-friendly, and distraction-free writing tool that helps you write your blog posts, collect inspirational quotes, and organize your notes.

It keeps your writing neat and simple, it’s flexible, and has a very short learning curve. In addition to the simplicity in and functionality, the app offers cloud support and is great for collaborating on writing projects.

Write! App is stuffed with a lot of useful features; it comes with a variety of color schemes, document statistics, hotkeys for increasing efficiency when you’re writing, a multilingual spell check (for 33 supported languages), and a customizable autocomplete.

Why You Should Use Write! App?

I’ll give you two reasons:

The first is focus. Staying focused when writing is easier said than done. Mostly it’s because of our pocket-sized attention spans. However, the tools we use also contribute to the availability of focus and the lack thereof. What Write! does is help you concentrate by removing all the widgets and extra stuff, thereby letting you focus on the current sentence, paragraph, or document.

The second reason—which is the resulting gain from the focus plus the goal-setting features of Write! App—is productivity. The tool lets you set writing goals, then helps you focus on such goals; your productivity just has to increase.

Write! App pricing plans

write! pricing plan

The tool’s simplicity overflows from its features and interface to its pricing plans.

Write! App only offers a lifetime license and can be paid for using a one-time fee.

The one-time fee is $24.95 but Write! also offers students discounts; therefore, the tool costs only $9.95 for students.

You’ll be required to pay $4.95/year for cloud access after the first year of purchase. However, you can stop Write! from charging you that fee, and if you do that, then the only option remaining for you is saving your documents locally.

Getting Started

Just like its UI, using Write! is simple and straightforward. First, you register an account on their website, choose your payment options, and complete the payment process.

Then you download the Write! App for the OS that you’re using and install it.

After that, you need to log in using your Write! account details before you use the app. You’re required to log in two times: the first time, and two weeks after offline use.

Write! App Review: Write! App Features

Write! is built around these major categories of features:

  1. Sync & Publish
  2. Sessions & Notes
  3. Styles & Focus Mode
  4. Mark Up & Formatting
  5. Aids & Tools

Sync & Publish

write! app synch and publish

Write! App allows you to save your files both locally and on the cloud. There’s no third-party app involved when you sync.

So, NO Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage app. And there’s no limit on the number of files you can back up to the cloud.

The app has a cross-document search tool that lets you search and replace parts of documents in both local and cloud libraries.

Also, sharing and publishing your documents is easy; you can directly publish your documents on the web and share a link to those docs directly from the app.

Sessions & Notes

write! app sessions and notes

Write! App is a smooth, minimalist, and No-distraction word processing software package with a bunch of convenient productivity features, which makes it more than an ordinary word processor.

You can work on a couple of separate projects (both local and cloud-synced sessions) and access them by switching the session tabs.

And you can sort your projects and open several files in the same group with a single click.

Styles & Focus Mode—Distraction-Free Writing

write! app styles and focus

Write! App claims to be the best distraction-free writing app.

I believe them.

It isn’t all about eliminating distractions; it’s also a stylish word processing app. Write! App comes with 15 different hand-picked presets which set up a seamless user experience.

And then there’s the Focus mode. It is designed to help you keep focused on the current sentence or paragraph—it does this by fading out all the other paragraphs.

Plus, you can set the app to “Full-Screen Mode.” When you choose this mode, the only thing is the text you’re typing. Nothing else!

Mark Up & Formatting

write! app markup and formatting

A good word processing app has to have excellent markup and formatting features.

Write! App comes with a bunch of formatting features. Some of these tools can be accessed using drop-down menus while others simply use shortcuts, i.e., Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V.

There are a couple of markup syntax options; you can combine Wiki and Textile syntax or use Markdown.

Aids & Tools

write! app aids and tools

The tool comes with features that are aimed at improving your productivity. Write! is equipped with Spellchecker, Productivity Counters, and a customizable Autocomplete.

Checking your document for errors is more sophisticated than ordinary word processors. The beauty of this is that you can spell check in 33 supported languages at a time.

And that’s not all! You can mix the languages inside the same document on “a per-word level.”

You can either have a single language for a whole paragraph, a sentence, or a short string of words.

Speed is important, especially for freelance writers because the more content they write, the more money they make. To help you increase your writing speed, Write! App has a customizable, self-learning Autocomplete feature.  

You can configure parameters for the autocomplete to perform the way you want: you can set the minimum number of symbols to trigger it, the maximum number of suggestions, and the sorting of the suggestions.

The “Productivity Counters” enable you to set daily goals, track statistics, and improve the overall productivity of your writing. Write! provides statistics on your word count per day or characters per minute. You also get overall stats on words, characters, pages, and reading time.

Does Write! App Have a Free Trial

Write! neither has a free trial or a free version. However, they offer a 7-day Money Back Guarantee—if you’re not satisfied with the software, you can get a full refund during the first 7 days after purchase.

Does Write! App Run Offline?

Write! App runs offline. But, you’ll need Internet access on your first use to verify your license and log in to Cloud.

Afterward, You don’t need an Internet connection to run the app. When you’re offline, your Write! App documents will be saved locally. They are automatically saved to Cloud when you get online again.

Is It Available in Languages other than English?

Write! App isn’t available in any other language than English but supports 33 languages.

In fact, its spell checker allows you to mix all or some of the 33 languages within one document and set a particular language for an entire paragraph, sentence, or phrase.

My Write! App Recommendations

Write! Is very simple, easy to use, and flexible. What do you want your writing app to be? A text editor that is not going to make the writing task a bit more tedious than it already is.

I know I want that.

If you want it easy, and want to be more focused and productive, then Write! is for you.

Of course, it can’t be everything; you can complement it with other writing software tools.


With the Write! App, you get an excellent writing tool for writing and checking your short and medium texts.

It won’t be your Scrivener or Word, but it surely will help you achieve distraction-free writing, completely free of any interruptions.

With features like the spell checker, auto-complete, and formatting tools, you can write confidently knowing that you’re going to produce clean, top-quality content.

Whether you use this excellent software tool or not is entirely up to you, but whatever your choice might be, make sure you write the Write! way!

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